Daily Chatter

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Day # 158 ~ 3.5 a.m. done ~ 8 - 10 p.m. to go

Can we say Tired?!
This morning dispite my lack of quality sleep, LBM and I practiced the lost art of puddle jumping. 
I was a drown rat when we were done with 3.5 morning miles on Day # 158 however LBM was only getting started.
After some instruction he was a master of the puddle!
Starting your day doesn't get much better than this.

S'ghetti girl was hugely successful at Fall Foliage selling heandbands. 
She had a great time and enjoyed chatting with all the potential customers. 
She even made a few new friends!

I know that you all have been missing Biking Sherpa since her attempted retirement following the big yellow dog scare. 
So I will give you a little update.
She went and go a tatoo on her foot.
It reads, "In the footsteps of angels.  SRS and FDRG"
Those are the initials of your grandfathers.
Kids take inspiration from so many places.  You never know just what or where you might provide an opportunity to impact your children or someone else's.
Sourround your kids with a variety of influences and be a part of your children's friend's lives too. 
You just don't know who might be getting a tat' about you someday!


  1. ...."Kids take inspiration from so many places. " I love this.

    So very true.

    Love this post Shelly.

  2. Puddle jumping! How fun!
    Love the pic of your girl with the bands...awesome!

  3. Great post! I love her tattoo and puddle jumping is the best :)

  4. Love S'getti girl's headbands - she's going to be quite the businessgirl :).

  5. Puddle jumping can be fun, though I was happy to take a rest day today. Ahhh, taper. :)

    Biking Sherpa's tattoo is beautiful and what meaning! Good for her.

  6. Great post! And great reminder about inspiration.

    Hope you get some good sleep soon =)

  7. Puddle jumping! I'm jealous! I want some rain and cooler weather so bad!
    Nice tattoo, very inspirational ;)

  8. Very inspirational tattoo! Did she come up with that text herself?

  9. oh puddle jumping. i did some of that yesterday! :)

    awesome tattoo!

    and as always, cute kids are adorable!