Daily Chatter

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Just when life is rolling along on it's usual routine way little surprises happen to help add something to our days.
Sometimes those surprises are a box full of goodies from a thoughtful friend. 

Day # 164

Sometimes its a run that goes smoothly. 
Allowing you to slip into that wonderfully carefree style of running when it becomes like simply breathing.

Sometimes its a morning that greets you after a difficult night.

Surprises come in many forms. 
I like to think that none are good and none are bad they simply are an opportunity to grow and learn by offering a new way to look at things.

Army Son recently surprised us with big news. 
I am trying to not see it as good or bad.
He has asked a young lady to marry him.
This December.
Why not simply be celebrating?
They have known each other 2 months.
If you are familiar with the military and issues that many PVTs encounter while away from home for the first time you may understand the shock.

I watched my youngest play with a cardboard box last night.  It made him so happy.
And that is what I want for Army Son too.
To be happy.
With a few less surprises.


  1. boxes make the best toys. I think i'll start a company called Boxes-r-us... i'll make millions...

  2. I agree about the boxes!
    Crazy news from the Army son.....glad its happy news :)

  3. adorable first pic! i wish i was still at an age where i could fix in a box!
    congrats on army son news. that's very exciting :) and big and a surprise too!

  4. Most of my military friends were married within the first few months of being in the military. I don't quite understand it, however, how could I? I have no idea what that life is like.

    I think you are a great Mom because your wish is their happiness which is really all we can ask for right?

  5. Wow, that IS some big news! I hope it all turns out for the best and that everyone is happy as a result! Has to be tough to handle as a mother... you just want the best for them!

  6. congrats to your army son! that is wonderful news. big surprise but still wonderful.

    and ur little guy looks super cute in the box! haha

  7. awww congratulations to your Army Son! ANd look at that little cutie pie in the box. AT least you still have a little one. I only have one and she's all grown up. I miss having a baby around the house.

    Nice headband, by the way =)

  8. Yeah, I totally understand your shock. But, as moms, we have to trust we have done our job and raised our babies to know right from wrong and sometimes let them make decisions we wouldn't necessarily make.
    God, I miss running! GAH!!

  9. I can certainly see why you'd be conflicted about Army Son's news. I would be terrified of my child marrying so young and to someone they just met, but at the same time, I suppose you have to allow them to make their own choices, huh? Very frightening thought.

  10. GREAT post.

    I met AND married the PITA within 90 days of meeting him, on a blind date. it'll be 12 years on Saturday. I know it's got to be crazy right now but it all can/will work out. YOU'RE AWESOME!!

  11. my brother was in the army and did the exact same thing. it must be an army thing...
    but he's happy and that's all that matters. :)

  12. Oh that is a curve ball. It's hard when they get older and really all you can do is hope that they are making sane decisions, but know in the end it is their decisions. I hope this is the right one for him. Completely understandable how you are feeling. ((HUGS))

  13. I know it seems so crazy but I'm sure it is all for the best!

    loved boxes when I was kid, couldn't get enough :)

  14. You are a good mom to take the news in stride. Just enjoy all the fun a wedding can be and embrace having a new member in your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers!

  15. It's a military thing. I don't know what it is, but it's ridiculously common. Good luck to him! And to you as well....

  16. Having a daughter the same age as your son, I totally understand your concern. As hard as it is, I think they are now adults and have to learn for themselves if this is right or not - but we as their parents still get to voice our concern :). You've raised a great son, I'm sure all is going to be good :). And what a great picture of him!!!