Daily Chatter

Saturday, October 30, 2010

That's it

That's it.  
The last run before the race.
And now time to fill.
Cleaning and preping the Camelbak.
Laying out a zillion, I mean one race day outits.
Getting things ready for Hubbs and the kiddos to do while I am gone.
Driving the morning route so I'll know it in the dark.
Cleaning the house.
Washing laundry.
Craving pumkins.
Loading the car.
Did I say, laying out gear.
Oh yeah, I did.
I'll be doing jus about EVERYTHING I can except thinking about the...
Happy Halloween...or Harvest, if it makes you happier.

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  1. Can you hear my excitement for you?! Good luck!

  2. Good luck, Shelly! Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. happy halloween to you too. can't wait to read about it :)

  4. yay! cant wait to read all about it!
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  5. I LOVE freudian slips...

    Race day Outits... hope the race photog is close by! haha!

    Best of luck in the race! You deserve a fantastic race, go get it! yay!