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Saturday, August 21, 2010

100 Days of Running ~ Review & Giveaway Take Two

Day # 103 ~ morning run ~ 3.5 / 28:45

This morning started late last night when LBM woke up the first of three times so when the alarm went off to get up and run, I wanted to forget it.
I wanted to say that a little more sleep would serve me better than a few miles on the road.

I didn't say that, I may have thought it for a moment but my feet hit the floor and I was quickly running.  My mind was a little fuzzy to say the least when I was first running.  I kept thinking I had forgotten something important.  But having ran my daily routes for so many years at least I knew in my haze I wouldn't take a wrong turn and get lost.

All those thoughts reminded me of my beloved Skyline Challenge, the highlight run of my 100 Days.  As my feet moved me forward I thought about the highs and lows of that race.  Even though I did get lost during that race, I knew I had not left my safetly to chance.  I was wearing my bright yellow Road ID.

Because I have a terrible memory Hubbs has often worried that something would happen to me during a long run or trail run and I would not be able to tell someone a phone number to call to reach my family.  I agreed.  We never know when the unexpected might occur.  I solved that problem with my Road ID.  It will do the talking for me if ever I am unable to speak for myself.

I had been wearing it for about a month prior to the race with no problems.  Unfortunately the problem waited until during the Ultra to arise.  I was climbing a steep hill when the clasp opened.  I closed it.  Again on the same very long steep hill the clasp opened.  And so it was for several miles until I took off my Road ID and put it in my camelbak for the rest of the race. 
Hoping that someone would find it if I fell over from exhaustion.

After the race excitement settled down I emailed Road ID and shared my story with them.  I wasn't surprised when they offered me an apology, an explanation and a new clasp.  It seems they were aware of a problem with the clasp and are working on a redesign.  Great customer service!

The wonderful folks at Road ID even sent along a gift card for me to share with one lucky follower.  So you and your family can have the same peace of mind while you are out here enjoying the roads and trails.

Here's what you can do to get your own Road ID:
(separate comment for each please)

1. Follow me. (Mandatory) 
But don't just tell me you follow me,
tell me 10 things you think you know about me from following my blog.

2.  Visit Road ID and tell me what product you'd like most.

3.  Follow Road ID on FaceBook or on Twitter

Entries will be accepted until 7 a.m. September 1st, 2010
A winner will be chosen from all entries in all three giveaways
(one more tomorrow). 
An explanation of how the winner was chosen will be given when the winners are announced
Watch for bonus entry possiblities.

The gift card was given to me at no charge for my honest review of my Road ID. 
What you read above is just that, my honest opinion.
You shouldn't run, bike or swim without a Road ID.

Loving all the Giveaways?!
Here are a few friends who are hosting giveaways too.
Please stop by and tell me I sent you.

Marcia @ Running off a the Mouth also has an opportunity for you to win CEP Compression.  First who is Marcia?  She is a SAHM with big running dreams and she is making them happen.  She qualified for Boston and has a busy racing schedule this year! 
Why CEP Compression?  CEP Compression really is that good.  If you don't know the difference it can make in your running and recovery you need to find out!  Enter here and then go visit Marica and get another chance to enhance your running.

One Crazy Penguin is hosting a Bondi Band Giveaway!  I love Bondi Bands!  They work so well over my visors!  Okay I wear a visor alomost every single run and a black visor is not all that cute, right?!  But put a Bondi Band over it and voilia! it can go with anything!
So head over and check out a crazy running penquin.  Tell her I sent you.


  1. i follow you.

    1. you have two adorable kids
    2. you are wayyyy strong for taking them/pushing them on your runs
    3. 100+ runs in a row makes you very dedicated
    4. youre a nice person because you comment on my blog
    5. you like taking self-portraits
    6. youre a smart runner because you did 100+ runs injury free
    7. you like visors :)
    8. you love your family as evidenced by your fridge :)
    9. you get freaked out by watching scary movies on the tm
    10. you are an awesome running coach

    whew that was a lot :)

  2. i'd want the road id to put in my shoe. very convenient and easy

  3. and i follow on fb

  4. OK, I follow and these 10 things are about you and your family.

    1. You do not walk - It's just not your style.
    2. Army son's birthday was day 99 of your streak.
    3. You ran 1000+ miles on one pair of shoes, despite the fact that you had new pair in your closet.
    4. Your hubby would rather have DD Coffee over a beer anyday (A guy after my own heart)
    5. You are a creature of habit. Most days you run 3.5 in the morning and 6.5 in the evening.
    6. In April you won a 5K.
    7. Your fridge is covered with pictures.
    8. You have issues with VA, but you own a home there.
    9. You always run .5 so that your run is "unfinished"
    10. You are one of the most thoughtful and kind people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting (yes, I am sucking up).

  5. I would probably get a yellow wrist ID. A girl can never have too many accessories.

  6. I'll leave this for someone else to win but thanks so much for the giveaway shout!

  7. I follow your blog.
    10 Things.
    1) You recently moved from PA to VA 2)You still go to PA frequently for work 3) You tend to wear the same running outfits over and over (although who doesn't) 4) You ran a ton of miles from the last 100 days 5) You usually run on country roads 6) You ran skyline challenge 50k 7) You are on a husband induced hiatus from racing 8)You get energy from running from other 9)You are part of the Tall Mom 1,000+++ club 10)You are an awesome running lady!

  8. I am a follower :)

    1. You have a very fun blog
    2. You have a heart of gold
    3. You are a fabulous mother
    4. You and I someday are going to do a 50-miler together.
    5. You were one of my very first followers and you've never given up on me, even in my whiny state.
    6. You have to homes, and I'm sure they're very warm from your touches
    7. You donated your hair to LfL
    8. You always take your camera with you for a run
    9. You have a very compassionate soul
    10. You are very strong and very determined!

  9. I'd get the pink RoadID...but I don't have one so really, I'd take any.

  10. I would get my hubby a green wrist ID elite!

    1. you have incredible perseverance
    2. you have 3 awesome kiddos the youngest is still nursing which I love!
    3. you have a wonderful relationship with your niece.
    4. you would love to run trail races all the time
    5. you have two houses that you share your time at
    6. you run doubles most days
    7. you don't take the little things for granted like seeing critters on your runs
    8. you are super speedy pushing LBM in that stroller!
    9. you rock some cute pigtails after cutting your long locks and donating it.
    10. you are a very kind and nurturing person both to your family as well as to your bloggie friends too :)

  11. I follow Road ID on facebook and twitter :)

  12. Ten things I know about you:

    1. You have an army son.
    2. Your next child is S'ghetti Girl, 9 years old.
    3. LBM (Little Bug Man) is part of your training.
    4. You run twice a day, usually with someone at your side.
    5. You have recently moved.
    6. You love taking pictures of the things you encounter on your run.
    7. You recently finished an ultra and are evaluating what your next running goals are.
    8. You use to have really long hair and donated it to charity.
    9. You're on Daily Mile.
    10. Breakfast is a big deal.

  13. I love the wrist elite ID. There are too many colours to pick from; I think I'd select green.

  14. I'm a follower

    1. Your name is Shelly
    2. You’re a member of the Tall Mom 1000 Mile club
    3. You have gone potty in a corn field (I have too! What a conversation starter!!) :)
    4. You just moved from the boonies of PA
    5. You’re a dedicated and strong runner
    6. You push your little one in a stroller when you run
    7. You wear Saucony shoes
    8. You also wear a visor when you run
    9. You have a son in the Army
    10. You often run with Biking Sherpa

  15. I would get the wrist ID sport in red or blue

  16. I already own a Road ID, so I'm not going to enter, but I concur that it is a great product, and they're a very customer-friendly company! I received excellent customer service when I ordered my Road ID, and that alone would be enough reason to endorse them!

  17. I'm a follower of your blog. 10 things…
    1. You never took water, but have started to take it along on your runs.
    2. You are still going strong even though you are past 100 days.
    3. You have adorable kids.
    4. Your oldest just had a birthday, your first apart.
    5. You run with a jogging stroller.
    6. You enjoy your surroundings when you run (at least according to your pictures).
    7. You recently got your hair cut!
    8. You take safety seriously when running.
    9. You like take self-portraits.
    10. You put 1000 miles on a pair of shoes.

  18. I would love the Wrist ID Elite in red!

  19. I'm a follower of Road ID on FB.

  20. follower ... let's see

    1. Your streak's till going strong
    2. You LOVE running
    3. You have your own personal biking sherpa
    4. You live in a rural area (me too)
    5. Corn fields are cool (I think so, too, although it's more cotton & tobacco fields around here)
    6. Your oldest son is in the army
    7. You also have a daughter
    8. Your littlest does better in a stroller than my children
    9. You wear saucony
    10. You have made self-portrait skills

  21. I like the standard RoadID sport

  22. I am a happy follower...

    1. You have awesome pig-tails!
    2. You finished an ultra and wanted to run another right after.
    3. You ran for 100 days straight and still haven't stopped.
    4. You youngest loves being pushed in the stroller while you run!
    5. You have piles of pictures on your fridge
    6. Your daughter rides alongside of you. That is awesome.
    7. You live near a really cool church building...it's picture worthy.
    8. You must have an exctremly supportive husband who loves you and allows you to do all this amazing running.
    9. You challenged your readers to a 10 day streak...and I took you up on it.
    10. You make running look so easy because you love it so much and it totally come through your blog posts...THANK YOU.

  23. I am a follower

    1. Your oldest son is in the Army
    2. You have two young children that live at home.
    3. You are traveling back and forth between your current home in PA and Virginia
    4. You love trail runs
    5. You are very committed to making time for yourself - but not at the expense of you children
    6. You just had new windows put in your house
    7. I think you have a pool
    8. You work outside the home
    9. You are still nursing you youngest
    10. You are one busy lady.

  24. I would like the Firefly SuperNova light and a Wrist ID

  25. Oooh, fun! I follow you!

    1. you love to run (duh)
    2. you're a busy working mom/wife
    3. you look cute in pig tails
    4. you are itching to race
    5. you have a few running outfits that you wear often
    6. you love bondi bands
    7. you have a sweet niece who rides along on your runs with you often
    8. you snap a phot after (almost) every run
    9. you are STRONG and often run pushing a stroller with LBM
    10. you also have a son in the army

  26. I would love the wrist ID elite

  27. Already like/follow RoadID on FB and Twitter

  28. I'm a follower. I've learned that:
    1. Army son is the oldest, and you're rightfully very proud of him.
    2. 'ghetti girl is the middle child and I hope she's healing from her fall a few weeks ago!
    3. LBM is the youngest, and is named Little Big Man for when your husband was working in pest control.
    4. The sherpa comes along with you on some runs.
    5. LBM comes on some as well, but usually in a stroller, and often asleep.
    6. You have lots of lovely cornfields to run through that remind me of home.
    7. The church is just down the street, like it is in every small PA town.
    8. You've been doing upgrades to your house(s) periodically.
    9. You've started making your own headbands.
    10. Your daughter usually then steals said headbands!

  29. I'd bet a wrist elite. I'm thinking that it could be really helpful not only for running, but for all of the travel I'll be doing solo through the country with work!

  30. i follow =)
    1) you have two pretty cool kids at home
    2) you have another super brave song not at home but who is doing amazing things for all of us
    3) you have an unhealthy relationship with the jogger stroller
    4) you like to watch movies on the treadmill
    5) you're CRAZY FAST
    6) you have a pretty cool niece
    7) your hair of choice is bondi band and pig tails
    8) you love your pink/maroon running tank
    9) your babies are some serious blondies!
    10) your birthday is coming up in a few months =) okay i stole that one from fb

  31. i love my wrist id elite and I'd love one for my godkids!

  32. i like road id on fb! don't have twitter

  33. I want the Road ID Elite in Green.

  34. I follow Road ID on Facebook & Twitter.

  35. Wrist Elite ID...in GREEN! How cute!

  36. I am a follower...
    somethings I've learned...
    1) you can run really, really far. Seriously, the one race report that was like 50 miles or something incredible...who can do that?
    2) You have some amazing work ethics when it comes to running...how many days in a row now?? 106?? Holy cow.
    3) You take nearly the same picture with every run, which I think is awesome because I can never take good self portraits!
    4) Your oldest son is in the army...and he just celebrated a birthday not long ago
    5) You have some seriously cute kiddos
    6) You love to rock piggies on your runs
    7) you must be buff if you can push a running stoller for that long!
    8) Your fridge is COVERED with pics which I love! Always tell a story...
    9) You are my friend on Daily Mile...
    10) You LOVE LOVE LOVE running.

  37. I'm a brand new follower so I'm still trying to catch up with ten things about you! But I know this:
    1. You've run at least 100 days in a row now.
    2. You love your Road ID and want to share that love with us!
    3. You push a running stroller. I can barely get myself to run 3 miles, and you're pushing a stroller. My hero!
    4. You're going for 1000 miles in 365 days (ps. you kind of make me want to vomit)
    5. You have some sweet hats you wear. I love that pink Livestrong visor!
    6. You have a son in the army which says you did an incredible job raising a stand up guy.
    7. You balance life with work/running/parenting. That takes talent!
    8. You completed a 50K trail race in 2010- AWESOME! And you looked good doing it judging from the picture to the right!
    9. You're a runner. Not a walker. Not a jogger. A RUNNER.
    10. You are hosting a great giveaway and this is a cool way to do it!

  38. I want to Elite writsband RoadID in black or red :)

  39. I follow you! And this I know is true:

    Your name is Shelly.
    You look cute in ponytails.
    You are a very dedicated runner, sometimes you run twice a day.
    You are very spiritual.
    You have put over 1000 miles on one pair of shoes.
    You run beside cornfields in PA.
    You have one handsome son in the Army and a little S'ghetti girl.
    You have another adorable, weed-flicking LBM who accompanies you on many runs.
    Sometimes you run with Biking Sherpa.
    Your dad's name is Sam(wich).

  40. I'd love to win the wrist id sport in yellow...or purple...or pink.

  41. I am a happy follower! Now for ten things:

    1) You ran an ultra this year.
    2) You have a darling little boy that joins you on many runs.
    3) You have two homes.
    4) You don't look old enough to have a son in the army.
    5) You have the best hair! I love the curls.
    6) You manage to balance life with three kids, a hubby, and work and still get two runs in most days.
    7) You are fast, much faster than me.
    8) You have helped me stop using "rest days" as an excuse. Your 100-day streak has been a motivator to me (and I am sure many others).
    9) You are spiritual.
    10) You are hosting a 10-day running streak challenge that I somehow missed the day you posted it =(

  42. I so want the wrist ID elite. Not sure the color, probably boring black.

  43. i want a new one in purple or yellow -- to match some of my new bondi bands and running outfits!

  44. Follow you -

    1 - you run lotsa doubles
    2 - you look adorable in pigtails
    3 - you met TMB
    4 - you take tons of prerun and postrun photos
    5 - you wear a ton of bondi bands
    6 - you are always running out in the country
    7 - you look adorable in all of your bondi bands
    8 - you've moved around recently
    9 - you've run 1000+ miles many years in recent years
    10 - you have adorable munchkins that accompany you on your runs

  45. I am a follower!

    1. You are a dedicated runner!
    2. You have a son who is a hero in the army.
    3. you run an amazing amount of miles every year!
    4. You are always stylin' a bondi band.
    5. You work for a Municipal Authority
    6. You plaster your fridge with photos of your love ones.(Me too!)
    7. You are very diligent to photo document your runs.
    8. You run in the country
    9.You got a raise! Yay!
    10. you are a dedicated, loving mother to your 3 beautiful children!

  46. I want the wrist ID elite in purple.