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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The funny things that buy me time

Day # 107 ~ 6.5
LBM is pulling my shorts off wanting to go for his run.

Last evening I was struggling with the new routine for school and my disappointment in myself for missing my morning run so getting out that evening should have been easy instead it was a reminder of how easy it is to just "skip it."

Knowing that all my faithful followers would be so disappointed in me if I sat on my tush, I hit the road.  I don't think my delay in getting started helped me because within less than two miles LBM had me stop twice.  He was a constant babble of less than coherent sounds although I do recongize Twinkle Twinkle Little Star everytime he breaks out in song which is an improvement over the Mommy Goed Mommy Pooed song.

After offering him everything under the sun, except for shortening the run I figured out he was wanting his
"Weed Flickers'!

Foxtails aka Weed Flickers

Oh you haven't employed foxtails or as LBM calls them weed flickers as a tool in your jogger entertainment arsenal?
You simply must try them.
LBM rarely makes it through a run without getting one or two of them.
They are good for so many things.

They make great pinwheels to spin around as we cruise down long hills.
They are great at trying to hit every other weed along the side of the road.
They are excellent at threatening the local livestock with. 
Also great at torrmenting insects with.
They are wonderful to disect while in the jogger.
They make nice "let's irritate mom" devices.
They are perfect fishing poles.
The come in really long lengths so you can try and hit cars as they pass.
(don't worry, we are not close enough to the cars to actually touch them but he doesn't know that!)
And they are wonderful for throwing out of the stroller to get mom to stop again.

I know his arms are out.  Don't worry we weren't running anymore.

A good weed flicker can get you a good mile of uninterrupted running!
After the challenge of getting out there last night, I started my day right this morning with a quick run.
I didn't need an weed flickers to make it through.

Day # 108 ~ a.m. Run 3.5 / 28:46
Yes, I washed this outfit before wearing it again this morning.
Gee I look tired.

What's the most innovative thing you have used to entertain your kids so you could run?

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  1. These foxtails are a great idea! Hahaha! :)

  2. Where is your visor? First thing I noticed was that you don't have it on for your pictures.

    I'm happy that I don't have to entertain the kids these days. We usually did wildlife (which is limited in my subdivision). ADP has him keep tabs on his kleenexes.

  3. You are one dedicated mamma runner! Glad it bought you some time ;)
    No kiddo's yet but if ever the chance, I'll remember this trick!

  4. The pic with LBM tugging on your shorts is too cute!

  5. I love it...whatever it takes, right?

  6. Do you think that would keep ME entertained while I run??? hahaha I didn't run when my kiddos were little. Their teens now so I'm not so sure a weed whacker would do the trick.

  7. Awesome!

    I flash flashcards at her while I'm on the mill. Lame. She hates it. ;)

  8. So funny!! Yesterday I pushed the kids for 6 miles...5.5 running. I had extra sippy cups, apple slices, cheese puffs, toys, pretzles, water...etc.. I should have just given them a stick.. but with 2 in the stroller one would have lost an eye..

  9. Weed flickers! Excellent! I took mine out last night - late enough that he was asleep at mile 2!

  10. I'll have to try that. The iPod only keeps my Bean busy for the first couple of miles.

    On my to-do list: enter your giveaways and email my guess on how many days you will run. I've had your blog open on my computer as a reminder for the past several days.

    By the way, you are amazing!!