Daily Chatter

Monday, August 9, 2010

Can there ever be TOO many?

What a wonderful weekend!

But really do you ever actually come out of a weekend thinking, "Gee just can't wait to get back to work"?  Okay some weekends are a little crazy and going back to work is actually a break but this past weekend was wonderfully crazy!

I love to be productive.  I love to get things done.  I love that sense of accomplishment.

This weekend we were so busy I actually over slept this morning which was odd considering the kids woke up at the crack of dawn thanks to the absence of blinds or curtains on the windows.
But the construction is done!

Okay overslept meant no morning run. (GASP!)

I know.  I know.  How will I make it through the day?  It's a real dilemma.

But I have already re-worked the schedule and I should be able to hit my miles, 51+ this week, even with a VA weekend coming up.

So here's the plan:
My week is Sunday through Saturday

Sun ~ 6.5
Monday ~ 6.5
Tuesday ~ 10
Wednesday ~ 6.5
Thursday ~ 10
Friday ~ 3.5
Saturday ~ 8+

With no race plan in place I have been using different numbers to help keep me motivated.  Weekly mileage is a big motivator for me.  The downside is how competitive I can get about getting those numbers. 

Can we say Holiday Booty Buster Challenge?  Thanks Amanda!
For those who have been around a while.

So I ask you, how many miles is TOO many miles for you?  And what are you willing to do to get them?

For those who are counting today is day #92


  1. sadly, there can be too many miles for my knee...

  2. there are never TOO many. How will I ever catch you if I don't up my mileage?

  3. Love the schedule.

    My body has told me [over & over again] anything over 70 is bad. My knees scream. {Not nice words.}

  4. Congrats on a productive weekend! I need one of those... it's such a great feeling to get things done!

  5. nice job being productive! i say too many miles = injuries. no injuries=just the right milage!! starting to feel injury= too much. so whatever that means to everyone :-)

  6. Hehe bootie buster. I think too many miles depends on what else is going on... right now too many would be like 2 :) but i used to easily hit 50 every week...so it varies!

  7. I used to be a mileage junkie...now I'm learning in my old age that maybe that's not so good. I'm certain my heel issue is from too many miles. Unlike.

  8. Hahaha! Yes, sometimes work is a nic break :)

    After 50+ miles in a week my body starts to hate me and I usually end up sick with a cold or something. If I keep it low 50, like less than 55, I'm good. But my happy medium is 45, that is where I do my best :)

  9. I may want more miles but my legs do not always agree. I used to be more willing to push it, but then I got injured. Guess you could say I am gun shy.