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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The 100th Day

What would be more appropriate than a heart.

 To do something everyday for 100 days. 

 It must be love. 

Biking Sherpa joined me last night for the second run on Day #99. 

The Stats

100 Days
732.5 miles
4 Runs of 2 miles
1 Run of 3.2 miles
62 Runs of 3.5 miles
1 Run of 4 miles
1 Run of 5.37 miles
1 Run of 6 miles
53 Runs of 6.5 miles
13 Runs of 7 - 33 miles
1 ~ 18k Urban Trail ~ Xterra
1 ~ 5k Cross Country ~ first female
1 ~ 50k Trail ~ 3rd Master/7th Female
Average Workout Time per Day ~ 1:11:30
Average Miles per Day ~ 7.3 miles
Average Time per Week ~ 8:20:32
Average Miles per Week ~ 51.3
Total Run Time ~ 119:10:35
Not so Fast Run ~ 12:51
Fastest Run ~ 6:55
I didn't get here alone.  Even though I pride myself on being a minimalist when it comes to running, I must admit that there were a few things that aided me in avoiding injury while streaking for 100 days as I ran  heavy miles and raced.
 I will be reviewing a few of those products and giving you a chance to see if they can help you enjoy your running experience more too.  Can you say giveaway?
I do have one question for you today. 
The question is what do you think is next for me?
This might get you bonus entries into the upcoming giveaways so think about it and answer honestly.


  1. Those are some amazing stats! I am so proud of you.

    So what's up next? Here are my thoughts:

    1. 265 days more of running to make it a whole year.
    2. 100 miler (100 days, 100 miler - makes sense)
    3. An ice bath and a rest day.
    4. Something amazing.

  2. Wow- what you REALLY deserve is a day at the spa and long nap!!!

    I think you should go for the 50 states!!!!

  3. ya u deserve a massage and a glass of wine!!! u r a rock star!!!

  4. either 200 days or a whole year of running. :) Maybe a rest? lol

  5. You are so awesome. I love "following" you. I'm with TMB.

  6. Congratulations! You are remarkable!

  7. wow. you are amazing! 100 days of running is no joke. if i were you i'd see how long i could keep that streak up!

  8. Wow! Congrats! I'd say rest for a bit now you're done! And after that why not give the 100-miler a shot!

  9. Holy Moley! Amazing job!! I have no idea what is next for you!? I bet you will continue your running routine though...kind of a habit at this point isn't it? =) You're truly an inspiration!

  10. Well, I'm amazed by you - as always ;) I remember when you started talking about this and I just knew you would make it! Congrats!!! Love all the stats - I'm a runnerd!

    I think you keep going! I think you make it 365 days! You have clearly made it a habbit and I think you can do it! Can't wait to see what held you together!

  11. Congrats on 100 days!

    Every ones else's comments of another 265 days sounds like something you'd consider. Knowing how much you're itching to race though, I could see you finding a really nice race to do in the next few months, and building to that!

  12. rockstar!! I love it because you remind me how much I love running, do it keep going!!! And get more pictures like the one at the top how friggin amazing is that picture

  13. Great pics and congrats! I think you should go shoot for 200 days of running and see what doors may lay ahead! Way to go mama!

  14. Awesome job. I think you need to rest for a bit but I think the 100K run is next on the list for you. Think about it; you've got that drive and power.

  15. you are amazing! I'm thinking a 100 miler too :)

  16. I like Tonia's list!
    I am very proud of you and knew you would do it!!
    I don't see you stopping any time soon so anything is possible :)

  17. More than the 100 consecutive days, I am blown away by your total mileage! More than 700 miles?! I haven't run that much so far this YEAR!

  18. CONGRATULATIONS!!! My advice? Your muscles need some rest! :) I ALWAYS take a day or two off per week to recover from long runs or speedwork. I don't know how you do it, but be careful! ;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hey- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the photo at the top of your blog. BEAUTIFUL!!! I just returned from a vacation to a lake house in Wisconsin - it reminds me of my runs there.

  19. now that I think about it... YOUR photo is VERY similar to the one I use at the top of my blog... back of us running with our dogs. pretty funny, huh?

  20. Not only is the 100 days impressive, but so is the average mileage per day! Way to go!

  21. Congrats on making it to 100 days. I'm not surprised because running is something you really love doing. What's next? I'm tempted to say a rest day, but it doesn't suit you. With the race moratorium it probably isn't another ultra (even though a race is what my money would be on if I bet). So, I'm going to go with...more running. Double the days or triple the days and soon you've run every day for a year. I can't wait to read what you've got in store next.