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Monday, August 16, 2010

A Life on the Refridgerator

Some people may think that my home is messy.  When you walk into my home usually by the side door, you walk directly into the kitchen.  Probably the first thing you see is my refridgerator. 
She is getting old and most likely in need of a replacement but she has held snapshots of my life for 20 years.

I rarely take a photo down.  I usually just put another one up.  There are layers of photos in some places.  Some that have barely moved in all those years.  I wish I could say I remember which photo was the first  but I can't.  What I can say is that I know the very first photo was one of Army Son.

Today my Army Son turns 20 years old.  I have seen those snapshots multipy and simply can not bare removing one.  I think of the days yet to come and know that my little refridgerator will run out of room to hold all the wonderful memories.  But for now standing in front of my own life long collage I am reminded of what am amazing little boy he was and what a blessing he has always been to my life.

Today I celebrate the fact that roughly 7300 days have passed since I was first blessed by becoming a mother to a special little boy and I gotten to be a part of that wonderful life. 
This will be the first birthday that we will not be together.
But I won't be completely without him. 
I will see him today as I have everyday right here on my refridgerator growing before my very eyes.

Happy Birthday!
I miss you.


  1. *tears*

    Sorry that you won't be with your boy on his Birthday, but I know he is always in your heart.

    I LOVE your photos all over the fridge. Mine is kind of like that too.

  2. Happy birthday to your lovely son...I'm sure he's always right there with you...love the pics on the fridge. I have quite a few myself, but you win :)

    Love the new header pic too!

  3. How sweet! Happy birthday to Army Son!

  4. Oh, this post brought tears to my eyes - Happy Birth Day to you both!!

  5. I think your fridge is endearing. Happy Birthday Army Son!

  6. how very sweet! i love your fridge!

  7. I love looking at photos when I am at someones house- and always wonder why anyone would have a bare fridge! I love it!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY army son and thank you! Thank you army family for sharing your family with us. Super touching post!

  9. Awe! I don't think I knew you had an Army Son! Happy Birthday to him and thank him for his service, and thank you for yoru sacrifice! =)