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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

100th Day ~ Double Day

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Tuesday 08.17.2010 ~ 100th Day
a.m. run ~ 3.5 / 28:45

Wow.  I can hardly believe that the 100th day has come and gone.
I got up this morning and run my usual a.m 3.5 miles in 28:45.
Beginning my 100 days the first run was a 3.5 miler that took me 24:57, it was a speed day.
When looking over my paces there isn't a clear progression of slower paces.

Which I do credit to several things:

~ Splitting my mileage over the course of the day.
~  Listening to my body when it came to each day's pace.
~ A mental attitude that I knew I can do what ever I choose to do.
~ Using products that previously I would have not chosen to rely on.
~ Fueling my body to meet the days needs.
~ Reminding myself that I was only getting about an hour a day of exercise ~ that really is what everyone should be doing.
~ Knowing that I was showing those out there who choose to follow along, that they can do it too. 

Biking Sherpa made me this shirt!  I love it!
Thanks Biking Sherpa!  You made my day!
Amazing things happen every day.

My Facebook status today was about amazing things happening today. 
And they did. 
I showed myself I can do whatever I chose to challenge myself with.
I showed S'ghetti girl that exercise and fitness is a daily habit that is FUN.
I reminded my family that I am a person beyond my roles in their lives.
I spent time with LBM and Biking Sherpa pondering the big questions in life.

Everyone (almost) who was there for the 100th day

Speaking of my beloved Biking Sherpa, she told me today that she too was streaking. 
It was the second day in a row that she went with me!
Although she felt certain that her streak was ending with 2.
LBM tried to run away with the dogs but they were all there too.

 No matter how often she goes I am always glad for her company.  You can see we rocked our tye-dyed Tees (thanks Biking Sherpa) and Running Skirts!  We looked great.  Okay I only looked great for the first 2 minutes and then I was a sweaty mess.  But a colorful one!

The shoes that finished it out.
Nothing else but SAUCONY!
...and a new pair of insoles

Just one of the items I will be reveiwing this week. 
And you will have a chance to win some saving on your own pair of insoles or socks!
Sorry no Sauconys to win...I'll keep working on it.  After all these years of loyalty you'd think they'd come through!


  1. you definitely showed me how awesome you are :) and i definitely look to this as motivational! rock on girl :)

  2. Love the shirt!! Congrats on having day 100 come and go. You are inspiring.

  3. WOW - oh WOW

    You are so right - given determination - we can do anything! Keep up the good work. You are setting examples for your children and others around you.

  4. very cute matching tshirts!
    awesome run and awesome 100 days! u rock!

  5. I love all of the amazing things that happened. You are truly an inspiration. So excited to see where your journey leads you next!

  6. Nice shirt! That is so awesome that you could go for 100 days! I may have to copy. :) I can't wait to see what you do next!

  7. Great picture of the 3 of you with those awesome colorful shirts!! You've had an amazing 100 days! I like all of the observations that you made, especially about family! Wonderful!

  8. Awwww, what a sweet gift from Sherpa!!! Super cute!

    Congrats again on 100 - simply amazing!

    I'm a Saucony girl too...

  9. You are an inspiration! Congrats on 100 days!!

  10. Congrats on a great day! That was an interesting comment about an hour a day. Our new fitness guidelines for kids are an hour a day, which is a big jump from 20-30 minutes.
    I'm in Saucony's now; it's my first pair in 20 years.

  11. Thanks for your comment on my post. We live in Ashburn, VA and I work in Fairfax. I'm originally from PA though...Carlisle, PA to be exact...not far from Harrisburg. Where are you in PA?

  12. Love the shirt! Congrats my friend, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!

  13. I wear Saucony road shoes too. I've been 90% loyal to them over the last 10 years. ;)

  14. Congrats again on 100 days..and beyond!

  15. Celebrate - celebrate - dance to the music!!!

    Way to go with your 100 streak! So awesome.

  16. You made it, WOOHOOOO!!! Congrats, girl - you are one strong and determined soul!! So proud of you!!!

  17. YOU ROCK! Way to go...indeed an inspiration!