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Friday, August 6, 2010

Things have been a'happenin'

Things have been a'happenin'.

I've been running.
The streak is going strong
Today is day 89.

I won't bore you with photos of all the running you have missed because I have been to busy to post about my highly exciting daily runs.

You're welcome.

Biking Sherpa thinks my dripping wet sweatiness is gross

Biking sherpa thought my sweat-level was offensive?!? 
This coming from a girl who does not sweat e.v.e.r.

Last night's sweaty run with LBM.

What else has been a'happenin?

I have to thank everyone who thought of/prayed for me on Wednesday.
I could feel all the prayers.  The confidence I had going into my meeting was not typical.  I am usually - again - a sweaty nervous wreck.
What is it with me and sweat?
I work for a Municipal Authority.  Our Administrator was recently "let go."
We are a small authority only 1700 customers and formerly 4 employees.
I felt I had been doing the Administrator's job for a few years but not receiving the pay.
because the board was still paying the Administrator to do very very little and take credit for everything
Now there could be no doubt that I am in fact running the Authority (I am the only office employee)  I went to the board for a big raise.  The outcome of which had farther reaching consequences than just helping pay the family bills.
I have been stressing over the need to address the situation for weeks.
Happily the board recongnized what I had been doing and will continue to do in my new role as Office Manager.  I felt like such a burden was lifted! 

Sorry no photo of the after meeting happy Shelly or my new bigger paycheck.

What else has been a'happenin'?

S'ghetti girl decided to fall over a bike and then catch herself with her teeth and face.  We spent the Thursday morning in the ER.  I just traded one stress for another!
She is going to be okay.  Maybe minus a tooth and adding a little scar but she will be fine.
I did take a photo of her face but she pleaded that I not post it so I will honor her wishes.

So I have been running everyday, somedays twice a day.  I got the raise I deserved.  I handled another kid crisis and we all survived.  Fun Five days.
We are getting the new windows installed so it will be a busy weekend.
But before I go, I want to share a little story from my week.

S'ghetti girl and I are in the ER.  She is laying on the gurney, scared and crying.  I am holding her hand trying to comfort her while we wait for the doctor. 
(There is no rushing in the ER.  Completely not like the tv show ER at all)
I tell S'ghetti girl about one of my many trips to that very hospital. 
(I was a sickly little kid)
I told her of the Mother's Day when my appendix burst.  Everyone had gone to Mother's Day lunch except my father and I.  I was sick in bed.  When the pain got too bad I crawled to my dad and he took me to that ER.  He knew it was my appendix but doctors can be slow.  He held my hand and told me that Smith girls are tough.  I told S'ghetti girl that she was part Smith girl too and that if Pappy Sam'wich (my father's name was Sam and S'ghetti always called him Sam'wich) could be there with her he would tell her the same.  Still crying she said that now her tears were because she missed Pappy Sam'wich and wished he was there to help her be brave.
As she finishes talking, my mother walks in.

I'm always looking for signs that what I know to be the truth is there with me. 
Yesterday after all the concern over my work situation was over and I felt like I could take a breath, there I was in the ER wondering how broad can my shoulders get.  Feeling all alone. 

I hadn't called anyone to let them know we were at the hospital.
And yet there, at the exact moment, was Mom ready to help.
As much as Grammy's presence helped S'ghetti girl, it helped me too.

May your days be filled with signs
and the eyes and heart to see them. 


  1. SO glad that everything worked out at the job and that S'ghetti girl is ok!

  2. Wow, lots going on in Shelly world. I'm sooo glad you got the nerve to ask for the raise you so deserved - yay! Now you can enter more races :). And glad S'ghetti girl is ok. That is so scarey for a kiddo (and mom)...so nice if your mother to come in and help out! Have fun installing windows this weekend (we did that a few years ago) and just have a great weekend with the family :). xo

  3. So happy that everything worked itself out. And poor S'ghetti girl. Please tell me that it's a baby tooth that she might lose ...

  4. I was all crazy with my "YAY!!!!" for your job situation (big huge props to you - I am always terrified to ask for what I believe I deserve) and then I got to your ER woes. I am so glad it all turned out ok! (Pappy Sam'wich made me smile - I loved that story)

  5. what a great post! Hope S'ghetti girl heals quickly. I love when exactly what you need just happens to show up at the right time. Those are fantastic moments and I am glad you are posting them here. Someday it will be nice for you to look back on those moments again.

  6. Great post. Congrats!!! I'm glad everything worked out with your job. Last year on our anniversary M #1 decided to do a major face plant on her bike as well. The ER is never fun. She actually lost a huge part of her eyebrow along with cuts and bruises. Luckily she healed well and her eyebrow even came back even after they said it wouldn't.

    Loved the Pappy Sam'wich story. So awesome that your Mom showed up.

  7. I'm so happy. I've been thinking of you so very much.

  8. Man, you had my emotions all over the place with this post!
    Congrats on the new job and raise - very much deserved! Big huggs.
    And, I'm so glad S'ghetti girl is okay. I hope it was a baby tooth! Funny, my biggest fear in life, litterally, is falling on my face and having my teeth go through my front lip. Odd, no? I think it about everytime I run up a crub or over a large crack!
    I never stop looking for signs. They are all around us and when we are open to them, they shine even brighter. Have a great weekend! Hope everyone stays in one piece :)

  9. Oh boy, what a week! Congratulations on the well-deserved raise!! Hopefully that will help bring many good things.

    Oh, poor S'ghetti girl!! I'm glad she's okay! Must have been scary for both of you.

  10. Wow! There's a lot going on! Busy you! Enjoy the weekend! :)

  11. what a roller coaster week you've had!! I hope your daughter recovers and heals quickly and congratulations on the pay raise and recognition! hope your weekend is a bit more relaxing!!

  12. Great news with the job!

    Skipper did the same thing on his bike a few years ago. He even cracked his helmet. The next day, we bought a new helmet and he hopped on again:)

    I'm glad S'ghetti Girl is well.