Daily Chatter

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It happens sometimes.
When it is hot and humid and I have way too many things on my mind.

A Corn Field Emergency.

The scene of the crime

There I was running along dripping sweat when I had to go and NOW!
I am so thankful for beautiful tall thick corn fields.
LBM found it very amusing to peek at me through the rows of corn and then as we finished our run it was even funnier to LBM that he sang to the few people we passed,

"....Momma goed, Momma poo, Momma goed, Momma poo..."

Gee, I just can't wait until he can really talk.

Day # 85 ~ Monday p.m. run 6.5 / 52:45
...pssst, watch for something good coming soon!


  1. Wish we had cornfields here! They are perfect for an emergency!

  2. Having grown up in Iowa, I can't say I ever visited a corn field, but I as young then and now I'm certain I couldn't NOT. Had one too many bushes on my runs in the state park :/.
    Happy Tuesday, girl!! :)

  3. Ohmigosh, that little ditty is adorable!!!

  4. hahaha too funny! and kids say the cutest / darnest things :)

  5. Cute - glad you didn't have to venture too far into the field - bugs - bugs and more bugs.

  6. Just think, you were helping to fertalize them! LOL!
    Glad he wasn't with me on Sunday - I did the same thing!
    Good job on the streak lady! And I love the french doors!

  7. OK this is hilarious!!

    Love it!

    CFE will never mean the same thing for me again. ;)

  8. Hahahaha! One thing I love about running! You are totally allowed to go everywhere, and whenever you need to! :)

  9. Do we get a "week after" picture to see how much extra the corn grew?

  10. Thank goodness for strategically planted tall crops.

  11. Yes, it happens. I would give anything for a cornfield somedays! Love the song.

  12. LOL! I'd love to be near a cornfield when that happened - all I have around me are cars and people's front yards LOL.

    And Shoo would be all about telling everyone!

  13. it happens :s
    hahaha. at least u had that cornfield...all i have here is houses and traffic! ahahha

  14. Oh, I would have been so embarrassed! I ducked into the woods a few years ago with all three of my boys (hubb + two) and they still tease me about it. Geesh, and they wander off at any given time.

  15. Haha- I wish I had corn fields!!! I had to go so bad the other night at the river loop but there were people EVERYWHERE!!