Daily Chatter

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 90

My day started early with a 3.5 mile run to get the blood pumping

which was easy since I saw a snake!

(okay it was just a baby and I did pick him up to get him off the road so I wasn't too frightened. 
But still seeing a snake is always cool!)

and keep the streak going

then it was back to cleaning, clearing and decluttering

all in an effort to make room for the

new windows!

Getting ready for new windows seemed like almost as much work as getting the new windows.
I only have one question.

How can this sweet little nine year old young lady have accumulated so much

Finally an acceptable photo of S'ghetti girl (since you can't see her boo boos she okay'ed this photo)

stuff that she could stock a WalMart toy department?

only a little of the bags of things we took from her room.

I'm just saying.


  1. Hope she's feeling better, too!
    Good job on the streak! And you're going to LOVE your new windows - such an energy saver!

  2. I would have squealed and run in the opposit direction if I saw a snake!

  3. I - am - so - afraid - of - snakes! Slippery little b*st*rds. You're brave for even taking a pic of it!

  4. while i'm not really afraid of snakes, i can't say that I would stop to PICK ONE UP and move it off the road