Daily Chatter

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Evening Run and Day Three

I just got done complaining about the time change and now I am pleasantly reminded of why I really don't mind the darker evening after all. I had another surreal run tonight. Only 3.5 miles but every single foot fall was perfect. There is just something great about not being able to see where it is your headed that allows you to run just a little bit faster. It's almost as if you can run without the concern of how far you have yet to go.

Tonight I didn't have the wonderful moon. Boo bad clouds, boo on you! I had my handy-dandy head lamp. It has several settings. Tonight I had it set really low to just give me a tiny bit of illumination aimed at the road just a few feet in front of me. AWESOME! Just enough light to be able to run safely. I love the feeling of being the only person outside. When I run by the few homes I pass on this out-and-back, I enjoy seeing people going about the evening within their lit windows. Tonight it reminded me of the holiday season I have to look forward to with the Christmas lights decorating the houses that allow me to go on my favorite 6.5 mile loop with or without the benefit of moon light. There are always things about each season that keep the joy in my running year round.

After my p.m. run my wonderful oldest son kept the two littles somewhat occupied so I could reap the benefits of Day Three of P90x. The joys of Shoulders, Bis & Tris and another round of 339 sit up variations. At first I thought, 'Gee, I need heavier weights.' but after about 20 minutes I was happy that I hadn't tried to be a macho-chic. Talk about burn! And my legs were great, totally into the run but as the shoulder/bi/tri workout started to use my quads in some squats while doing curls and presses, those same legs started whispering about being really really tired! Tonight it was one of those tired in a good way kind of feelings. I hope that is still how I feel in the morning. I have my favorite 6.5 loop on tap in the a.m. and then an hour and a half of yoga courtesy P90x in my p.m. Wish me luck.


  1. Reading your posts always makes me want to go for a run!

  2. Everyone is on this P90x craze... I must look into it...

  3. Wow...I have ALWAYS been afraid of the dark...I have never run in the dark, never. But this post makes me curious to try..

    Hey when is your next race??

  4. You are a brave lady going out at night to run! No more for me! I'll be sticking to mornings now! And yes, Morgan is right, I may have to check out this P90x stuff!

  5. Glad you like P90X so far! I've been dying to try it - and always love positive feedback! Keep up the good work!