Daily Chatter

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Sampling of Days to Come

The amazing view from my run
in the moonlight
Now that the wonderful time change has set in, I have the opportunity to run by moon light. Which is AWESOME!!! I ran an a.m. 3.5 mile and a p.m. 3.5 mile run on Monday since I wouldn't be able to get a long run in with my work schedule. Only to realize that we had a full moon! Even though it really got chilly once the sun went down I didn't let that stop me from getting my second run completed.
Don't get me wrong. I love to run in every season but there is just something about being wrapped up in your self-created envelope of warmth, feeling like you are the only one alive, seeing the world so quiet and still. IT IS THE BEST! The only way to make it better is to add a light snow fall - which I know will happen this winter.
I ran Monday's p.m. run knowing that with my oldest soon to be off to Basic Training (he has been doing his running & PT. Yeah!), I will have few opportunities to indulge in my love of solo running in the dark-ish. When my hubbs is home from work he tries to support my running need but doesn't always agree with how much or how often I run. He believes less is more. This probably stems from his understanding of fitness via weight training only, i.e. if he can push up a bar with twice his body weight on it then he feels he is fit. (okay, maybe a slight over statement but hubbs is not in love with running. He is more of an acquaintance of running.) I don't hold it against him. Not everyone can understand the drive to run long distances or lots and lots of miles...just for fun.
I digress.
So my weeks will feature more shorter runs done in a.m./p.m. doubles to attempt to keep me happy and my miles up for spring marathon racing season (looking at March & April).
Then there is P90x. I started it on Sunday. Just for those who might be interested in a report of progress, I COULD use my arms on Monday morning but I was aware of muscles that usually don't talk very often. I was very happy with how I felt given how hard the workout was...and that was Day One (Back & Chest & Abs)! Day Two was all Plyo! Sweat, sweat, sweat! Jump, jump some more and then jump some more HIGHER!! That would be a good title for Day Two. I thought my legs were very strong until I was 40 minute into the Plyo workout. I am hoping for a 6.5 mile run tomorrow morning. That may be the real test. Day Three is more upper body work and abs. Oh, I didn't tell you about the 339 sit ups. ouch. They were awesome! ouch. Really.
Overall, (3 days) I think P90x is going to kick me butt! I am going to keep plugging away at it. And yes, there are before pictures. But they will have to wait until I have 30 day pictures to put up and compare them to. Oh boy! I am sure you are excited to see those.
It's only Tuesday and it's been a busy week already. Gee, I hope my energy holds up! Thursday and Friday the littlest goes to work with me. It's been a month since he has gone to work with me. I am sure there will be pictures of his antics to look forward to.


  1. That P90X sounds intense! You're amazing, running twice a day AND incorporating those workouts?

  2. Keep the P90X reports coming. I have been very tempted, but haven't purchased yet. You must have a good camera. Nice pic! The fall full moon is the BEST!

  3. i LOVE the full moon!!! i wish it would stay around all the time :)