Daily Chatter

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Case of Havetaraceitis

Second consecutive 10 mile day - check.
16 miles to reach my 50 miles for the week - check.
A case of the havetaraceitis - check.

I am pretty pleased that I have not let the less than stellar weather keep me from getting out and running.

This morning this little guy was hanging on for dear life.  I wonder if he spent the entire night hanging there upside down?  Talk about head rush!
The morning was great.  Foggy run with LBM (3.5 miles/28:34), s'ghetti was eager to head off to school and Hubbs surgery went better than expected.  No crutches after today!  Looking forward to a complete and rapid recovery!
Then off to the big girl job.

(insert 8 hours of utter yuck-ness not apporopriate for my life-is-mostly-rosey-running blog)

After big girl job and kiddos retrieval, LBM and I were off for the second half of our 10 miles today (6.5miles/52:45)  I love running in the fog and drizzle.  With LBM falling asleep quickly during our run, it made it feel like I was the only person around.  The heavy fog has a way of making everything so exteremly quiet.  I can get lost in it and forget that I am not the only person as demonstrated tonight when I got lost in my thoughts and began thinking out loud!  Yep.  There I was running down the foggy road chatting away to myself and the gentleman who happened to be out on his porch chuckling at my lively conversation with myself.  Oy vey! 


On tap is another 10 for tomorrow.  The challenge will be Family Fun night at s'ghetti's school after work.  I have to figure out how to fit it all in.  Then Saturday will be 6ish miles to finish my 50 for the week.
It all should be very do-able.
With all this refocus on my mileage/schedule, I am coming down with a case of the have-ta-race-itis.  So.....

I am toying with the idea of doing this Xterra Trail Series 21k trail race on June 19th near Richmond, VA.
 Anyone interested in giving it a go with me?


  1. I ran in the fogg and drizzle today too and it was so lovely! I would love to run the race with you....too bad I am so far away!
    You are going to rock those 50 miles girl!

  2. You've got me wondering about that small print in brackets ...

  3. Um Yes!! My friends and I were just talking about doing that race! My only complication is that the girls have their dance recital that day and I have to be back to take them to rehearsal ... need to see if the timeline works!

  4. Way to rock those miles!! I alway slove your coordinating tops and headbands too. :)

    Something about the fog is so peaceful!

  5. id be interested if u were in Toronto! ahahha.
    great job on the run! those miles are just flying past!

  6. Nice job on the doubles - you...are amazing!
    Hope everything else is ok.
    I wish I lived closer 'cuz I would SO be out there with you :)
    Good luck squeezing it all in today!

  7. I might be able to swing that one... let me look at the calendar next week.

  8. I love running in drizzle. I feel so empowered by the end of it.

    What kind of bug is that!