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Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday RunDay

So who was there with me watching Survivor last night?
Great show!  Always makes me want to go do an adventure race and get muddy!
The reason I bring Survivor up is not to increase the hits my blog will get from people googling the word Survivor althought it actually will bring loads of people who think they are going to read something cool about Survivor only to find my sometimes interesting often routine daily musing about running through my life but to ask if anyone else noticed something in the preview of next season?
It looked like one of the female contestants was wearing a running skirt!
no super cute knee high socks though
How cool is that? 

Feeling all Survivor-ish I didn't let a little or a lot of rain stop me this morning.  So with weather shield in place LBM and I hit the road to a pre-rinse while we ran.
3.5 miles/29:11
I was suprised to see Morton the Muskrat while running along the creek.  So suprised that I missed getting s picture of him.  In fact he is probably right behind my head in this shot.  When I turned around to look at the creek there he was swimming along.  Darn new Palm!  I wasn't able to get the picture fast enough.  Under the water he went.  Maybe tonight he'll make a repeat visit.
I am off to the big girl job and sending my official registration for the XTERRA Xduro in VA June 19th.
It's going to be a GREAT day!  Enjoy yours.

Jamie @ Running Diva Mom is hosting a giveaway. 
Some very creative custom pendants!  You have got to check it out.
(so you'll know what I'll be wearing after I win.  ;-)


  1. I am a huge survivor fan!!! Every time I watch it makes me want to be on the show. Then I think about it and wonder if I could really LAST!!!

  2. I watched Survivor, but missed the sneak peak at the next season. Too cool that one of the girls was wearing a running skirt!

    Hope you get to see Morton again this evening.

  3. i love survivor ...if i didn't have kids i would be trying out for sure

  4. I've never watched Survivor. Most reality TV doesn't appeal to me, but I do love Project Runway and Top Chef.

    You run in a very scenic area! Any wildlife around here is either smooshed, or unappealing to look at!

  5. I have never watched Survivor either. Super cool about the running skirt though!
    Pink is definitely your color lady!

  6. I have been watching Survivor since the first season. I was so happy to see Richard lose again, although I was rooting for Parvarti. She played the best all around game imo.

  7. I didn't get hooked on Survivor this time around.

    No muskrat's - but I did see two eagles this morning on my walk. They landed on a tall tree on a little island that is currently occupied by many geese and boy did the geese start making sooooo much noise when they landed.