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Friday, May 14, 2010

Twice in One Day

What I wore this morning

You are probably thinking this is another post where I am going to wax on about running twice a day.  Then after reading it you may think some version of;
"There is no way that girl is doing all the running." or
"Is she TRYING to make me feel like I don't runn enough?" or
"Bring on the Shelly bragfest again." 

Okay maybe you don't think those things but come on, I talk about double days A LOT!

But today is not about running twice a day. 
It's about what other thing happend twice today.  Twice this morning in fact.

A bird pooped on me. 
I know Beth at Shut up and Run will be proud I have poop in my post today.
A bird pooped on me once early in my run.
And then....
A bird pooped on me a second time late in my run!

If you google a bird pooped on me, aside from eventually finding this post you will find a thousand different site to education you about a bird pooping on some one - not all of which I reccommend you actually click on, there are some strange people out there!  But you may find that if you are Italian it is believed to be good luck and since I do have Italian ancestors, I say bring on the good luck.

However, I got to thinking after reading Amanda's post (@ Run to the finish) about rewearing clothes and I began to wonder if maybe those birds were trying to tell me something. 

What do you think??

What I wore last night


  1. That is funny, twice during the same run? I like the good luck thinking! Have a great weekend!

  2. I have always been told that it was good luck. But yes, you might want to go shopping!

    And I am really loving the hair!

  3. Oh man, twice during one RUN!? That is some luck... hope it brings good things for you. :)

  4. I love in the movie with Dianne Lane (the one where she moves to Tuscany) she gets the house she wants when a bird pooped on her and the old lady selling the house saw it as a sign to sell the house to Dianne! I should look up the title and wash it again......oh yeah and you might have to wash those clothes now but baby wipes might spot clean ok too!

  5. hahaha! I said WASH it again when I meant WATCH IT!! That must be a sign that slip there!

  6. That's pretty crazy...double the luck!

    I think you're hardcore for running twice a day...keep it up :)

  7. Wow that's like hitting the poop lotto! Pretty Bondi!

  8. I was waiting for you to say that the bird pooped on you during your 2nd run for the day after saying how you weren't going to talk about that. Funny!

  9. Ok I have 2 sports bras that fit me well enough to run in (one's a tank top/bra top but I won't wear that alone for a long time). I also have one pair of capris that fits me well enough. You think maybe I wear the same clothes all the time? Yeah. I also only have 2 Bondi Bands & 2 pairs of socks I like to run in (I have more socks but they are hole-y). LOL don't worry, you're in good company.

  10. Maybe that dang bird was telling you, "This is what you get for running twice a day when your friend, Jilly, is too lazy to fit in one." Just sayin is all....

  11. I am italian ... and are we sure that is good luck? More runs more chances to be pooped!!!

  12. Super good luck I was think, right? I love the bondi bands!

  13. Someone told me once that it was good luck to be pooped on. I was pooped on not too long ago and I did not feel lucky!!!