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Monday, May 3, 2010

The Weekend Review - Race Recap

Of course I went for the second half of my run Friday evening.  I wasn't going to allow a silly little thing like a 10 mile trail race the next morning stop me from attempting to hit my 50 miles this week.
But seriously, I am still trying to get as many trail runs in as I can before my next trail 50k in July and the easiest way for me to do that is to run a trail race. 
For those wonderful readers who may not know, these are not the kind of trails you can push a jogging stroller on.  They are "technical" trails.  Trails that are not groomed.  Trails that require technical ability to traverse safely.  Thus the need to do them when I can have hubbs or family support with the kiddos.
So Friday evening found LBM and I out finishing our run enjoying the setting sun on Friday.

At 7:30 my cell phone rings.  It's hubbs. 
"Oh great to hear from you!," I say " How close are you?"
Hubbs was coming home from working night shift and had volunteered to be home in time to watch the kids while I went and ran my race.
"You are not going to believe this but...I am just leaving work."
That's 2+ hours away
"Oh well.  I will figure something out."  I say being all cool and easy going.
"Call me back so I know what is going on."
"No problem." I agree.
Insert frantic calls to the rest of the family to recruit support for the kids until Hubbs can get them picked up.  I finally work it out with no time to spare and I am cruising to the race.
Thus this very rushed picture is all you get!
You miss out on all the beautiful scenery of the trail.  I didn't carry the camera. 
And this is your after race shot.  I AM flying down the road to attempt to make it back in time for my daughter's soccer game.
We were a little late.
The race was amazing.  As all trail races are!  The course was challenging and beautiful.  The organizers did a great job!  It was their first race.  Support was spot on during the race which consisted of two 5 mile loops around a beautiful lake.  (luckily that supplied a little relief from the intense heat of the day!)
I am still struggling with knowing what pace I can produce in a trail event.  Due to that I went into the race simply as putting forth my best effort at a challenging but steady pace.
I finished in 1:34. 
Which is 4 minutes beyond my secret goal pace
But I was 14th overall, 6th female and winner of the Master's Division.
So not to bad!
I didn't stay for awards (I'll show you those after I get them) because I had to rush back home for my daughter's soccer game.

Then it was off the the new house.  I drove our truck and trailer to give Hubbs a break.  We moved some things in.  Luckily beating the rain that come Sunday!
The house is now offically ours.  We put up our door knocker.  We have had it since we got married but never used it. 

LBM loved running  around the deck sans diaper, it was HOT!
We enjoyed our Sunday of cleaning and mowing but then it was back on the road with the much lighter trailer.  We made better time getting home but it was still a lot of driving for one weekend.

This morning found me outside running my wake up run (3.5 miles /28:34).  I needed to stretch my legs and having Hubbs home to watch LBM was great!


It was a fantastic blur!  Thanks for stopping by and getting caught up with me.

What great things did you accomplish this past weekend?

3 Changes Challenge

April 30th through May 2nd  - Friday, Saturday & Sunday

1. h2o/non-caffeinated - +64 oz. each day - Success (easy to drink while you are traveling and at a 80+ degree race!)
2. Destress - I've been praying every day!  Oh and I ran an amazing TRAIL race that put me on a high that lasted through all the driving.  - Success

3. Xtrain - Friday; sit ups & pushups.  Saturday; moving.  Sunday; cleaning (this counts a little) & traveling - Needs Improvement (I stink at cross training!)


  1. Great job on the race! What a crazy weekend! When do you guys fully move south?

  2. awesome job on the trail race!! Love that deck!

  3. Wow! And I thought I had a busy weekend! Good job getting everything all done. Hope your transition to your new home is a smooth one.

    Oh, and we totally rocked the same visor during our runs on Saturday! Love it!

  4. Do you ever stop? (You don't need to answer that.)

    What a weekend! Congrats on the trail race and FIRST in Masters!

  5. great job on the race! i have never done a trail run but really want to. will be asking u lots of questions when that happens!!!!

    u r a very amazing woman! u can do anything and everything!

  6. Congrats on your race! What a weekend...I can't believe all the running you managed to fit in around everything else...amazing!

  7. Awesome job on the age group win! You are amazing!
    And, you are amazing in fitting a move, soccer game and hours of driving! I have no doubt you're going to do AWEOMSE in July! :)

  8. wow Shelly you are a Running Momma Machine!!! Congrats on a kickbutt weekend!

  9. Sounds like a great weekend! And I love the deck on the house!

    I had my second half-marathon this weekend, and it went decently though I'm fearful of a possible stress fracture. Ick.

  10. winner of your age group? that is awesome!! congrats on the great run, new house!!

  11. your crazy busy! GREAT JOB at the race! It was total a hot weekend!

  12. Wow! What a way to start and better one to finish! Congrats on your placing.

  13. Looks like a nice house. When you're all moved in can we get a virtual tour? Congrats on your first place champ.

  14. Sounds like a great race to me- first place Masters WOO HOO!!!