Daily Chatter

Friday, April 30, 2010

Ready to Run

This morning I was so ready to run.  The weather was wonderful, the sun was shining over the ridge line, the birds were singing, the air was still.  Perfect conditions to lose myself in a speedy morning run.

After yesterday's "grown up" activites, closing on the VA house, moving a few things, driving all over; you know just generally being responsible instead of just having fun on a day off of work! I was eager to be a kid again and forgot that I wasn't one for thirty minutes.  Which turned out to be on 26:45 because I was so rested and happy to be running that I ran very quickly!  Had I realized I was going so fast I might have slowed down just to make it last longer!

I will take an easy 6.5 mile run tonight since I have the Catch Me If You Can 10 miler Saturday.  The plan for this race is to just enjoy the run.  With everything that was going on this week, I have no intention of racing it.  If I can supress the urge!

Good Luck to all the other racers this weekend!


  1. good luck tomorrow! i have never done a trail run, but i want to. that is my goal for next year! cant wait to hear all about it!

  2. so wish I could come race with you! we don't have a car, so I'll be running here around the national mall, though hubs is a little like what you are doing 18 miles and then going to walk around with me :)

  3. Good luck with your race! Sounds like such a fun event!

  4. Good luck this weekend!!! Have fun :)

  5. You earned that feel-good run! Have fun at the race tomorrow!

  6. I never have a problem supressing the urge to race! Have fun at the "run". ;)