Daily Chatter

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Filling a Sunny Sunday

Today after getting little bug-man to take a nap in his crib which rarely happens, I was graced with the company of biking sherpa.  I had to promise to only go for the 6.5 mile loop since she was not feeling up to a long ride today.
With that in mind we simply split the run into two slightly separated doubles.

After the first 6.5 was completed we gathered s'getti noodle and all heading to the church (we live next door) to let the younger kiddos play and ride bikes while biking sherpa and I chatted.  We don't get together as much as I wished we did so it is always nice to catch up.
Little bug-man was most interested in proving HE could ride the big boy's bike without any help.  He wouldn't let me touch the handle bars to help him steer!  We chatted and played for about an hour and then Jr biking sherpa, little bug-man and I headed out for another 3.5 miles out and back while s'getti noodle and biking sherpa stayed behind.

Thanks to my biking sherpa I pulled some faster times on these two runs.  Thanks guys!  But I think we all had fun and enjoyed the sun filled afternoon.

How did you fill your Sunny Sunday?


  1. those little babies! When they get their own opinions about what they can do....there is no helping them!

    It was a beautiful day at the park for us!

  2. CUTE pictures... Your kiddo does not sleep in the crib?? That is rough

  3. that sounds like alot of fun! LBM sounds like an independent little fella!
    Love the sunshine!
    I just got done with an hour and a half of yoga. I feel all warm and fuzzy now!

  4. A lot of us were out enjoying the sunshine today - long run and played with the boys. Then, it was a late afternoon and evening full of homework.

  5. Sounds like a nice Sunday! I need to find myself a biking sherpa. :)

  6. It sounds like a great day! How exciting little bug-man napped in his crib.

  7. I love those kinds of Sundays!! I layed around all day for my birthday and went on a BBQ with friends. It was awesome!

  8. What a really nice Sunday! The weather looks absolutely beautiful! We are stuck back in rain and wind, oh well!
    Happy Monday!

  9. OH that does sound like a great sunday! Mine was very relazing with hubs and those are my favorite.

    Not sure if you are ready to kick everyone's butt again but another challenge is going http://runtothefinish.blogspot.com/2010/04/3-changes-challenge-prizes.html