Daily Chatter

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Five for Friday

1.  The trees are filled with blossoms that scent the air near them. 
It is heavenly.  I hope the blossoms linger.  I enjoy all the green but the added color is so nice.  I enter a local photography contest each year maybe this year I will get some new macros of the different blossoms to submit and win the category!

2.  Little Bug-man and I went for our evening run tonight.  6.5 miles (52:55)  I had planned to do a split 10 miles tonight since the weather is to get unfavorable but my legs said the first loop was enough and I didn't argue since I already have 40 miles this week.

The Skyline Challenge

Trail 50k Ultra-Marathon

"Your Pain Is Our Pleasure!"

Saturday July 10, 2010

3.  I have finally settled on setting my next "big" race goal.  The Skyline Challenge.  This race is in Virginia, any local-yokels who might be up to experincing it with me, drop me a line.  Or anyone with experince on this course please let me know!
I am excited to have something to look forward to.  Now if hubbs can just work out being able to support me during this race.  His big-boy job has a crazy schedule.

4.  Hubbs finally went back to the doctor because a year after knee surgery he is still having serious pain.  His doctor took an X-ray and did an MRI.  The doctor is fairly certain additional surgery is required to further clean up the medial meniscus that was torn and to remove a screw that is now unnecessary and may be causing some of the discomfort.  I have been praying that hubbs is able to return to running and biking.  Although, hubbs is not a lover of big distance, I have missed sharing training runs with him since his injury.  Hopefully whatever is required will be easily recoved from and end his pain.

5.  I have a 5k on tap April 24th for my April race.  Since this goal is very "if-y" due to various life issue right now, I haven't offically mentioned it here but I am hopeful to run a race (of any distance) at least once a month this year.  So I was very excited when I found out that Woodman of the World is hosting a Relay for Life running event locally!  Score! 
A race for April, maybe a 5k PR and a good cause. 
That's my 5 for Friday.  What's yours?

3 Changes Challenge

April 15th - Thursday

1. h2o/non-caffeinated - 70oz - Success

2. Destress - Post run I spent some time while the kiddos played in the bubble tub doing yoga and I prayed this morning before getting out of bed and will spend time in prayer again tonight before I drift off to sleep, which will be soon!! - Success

3. Xtrain - I did walking lunges and squats after my run while walking to see the baby goats with little bug-man, s'getti, my niece and nephew. Still not what I want out of this goal so I will HAVE to get it in this weekend to make my 2 days goal! - needs improvement


  1. The blossoms are so gorgeous this time of year and I love catching the scent on the breeze!
    Hope hubbies knee gets better soon. I wish mine would come with me on training runs!
    Good job with your Challenge!

  2. That's a great picture of the blossom. A 50K in the summer ... are you nuts?

  3. I am a bit north of you...everything is just starting to blossom here and I love it! Hope your husband is feeling better soon and can get back to running with you.

  4. Total bummer that Hubby needs another surgery. Blah!

    I like the looks of blossoms, but I can't wait 'til they are gone b/c I can't breathe (stupid allergies) thanks to the pollen. :-(

  5. "your pain is our pleasure" - i like that tag line. hahahha. i like runs that involve pain. even tho 50k is really out of reach for me... i still like it.
    u r a champ for doing such a long run in the middle of the summer! u will rock it. have u ever done an ultra before???

    and too bad about ur husband. hopefully the recovery will be quick!

  6. I've heard of ultra-marathons what is that? I wish I were in Virginia; we used to live there (for about 5 months) - what part are you from?

    I love the blossoms; our neighbor's tree was blossoming the other day but they are gone already. Tulips are still going though; my yard needs work. LOL

  7. Bummer that I will be out of town that weekend. Otherwise I'd come down and support you (so NOT running it LOL). BTW, did you ever get my email? I sent it again.

  8. Love the blossoms. My neighbour's tree was blooming something but the wind has taken everything away. You can tell I'm a gardener (ha!).
    Hope your husband is able to get the kinks worked out of his knee soon.