Daily Chatter

Monday, April 5, 2010

Things just didn't go my way

I woke up late.
45 minutes late for work.
Boss was in a bad mood.
Couldn't seem to finish anything at work.
Back at home, Hubbs was in a bad mood and had to leave for work.

Things just didn't go my way so instead of fretting about how to squeeze in my much needed run, I decided to spend a little extra time playing with the kiddos - new Easter toys!
I won't regret the missed miles.  I will remember the extra play time.
The kids will remember the extra play time.

Today I missed a run but my kids won't remember that I missed a run.

Tomorrow I will run.
The kids will still remember that we played!


  1. very true!!!! :)
    tomorrow is another day!

  2. Excellent! You are such an awesome mama!

  3. sometimes you just have days like that...your kids were in totally heaven and that is great!

  4. Similar thing happened to me today. I spent the day doing Mommy things (including homework help) and had to forgo the run.
    Hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  5. good for you mama! Go with the flow :)

  6. Sometimes taking it as it comes and making the best of everything is the only thing to do! I hope play time was great and that your run today goes well.

  7. The miles will still be there tomorrow. Deep breath; heavy sigh.

  8. Love this post!!! You are so right, you can always run tomorrow :) Have a great week!

  9. I love your positive attitude - it really is contagious. Huggs to you and I hope you get your run on today :)

  10. Excellent attitude!!! You can always make up a run, play time shouldn't be sacrificed!!

  11. This is a great post; our kids are only young once and that time is precious.