Daily Chatter

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Surprise Score...Just in Time

Yesterday after work there was a surprise waiting for me on my deck.  God bless the delivery people who bring us all happiness in brown cardboard boxes!
Today I only have time to tell you about ONE goodie that was in my box of happiness from Mel at Tall Mom on the Run from a giveawy that I won. 

A beautiful dark pair of Ryders sunglasses for runners and just in time for the sun to be shining again.  They are awesome.  No squinting from the sun in my eyes with those babies on.  I loved them.
It is ironic that they were included in my box-o-goodies because my hubbs (or I) lost his pair of Ryders at Army son's graduation.  Hummm, should they be in hubbs Easter basket?!?!  Oh now that's a dilemma. 
I didn't really WIN those.  They were included as a "thanks for being patient" gift from the company.  
What to do?  What to do? 
Do you think I should give them to hubby?

Littlest and I had a running date this morning.  I had planned the 6.5 loop but littlest and needing to get off to work didn't allow for that so I turned and only did the morning usual of 3.5 (27:36).  It started out cool but quickly warmed up even before we were done.   Ahhhh!  I love spring.

Have a wonderful Easter!


  1. A dilemma indeed! I think you could do either and not feel guilty.

  2. Heck no, keep 'em for yourself!

  3. Hmmm...why not...you can always borrow them :)

  4. Share them? I wouldn't have that problem. J's head is so big that if they fit me they definitely would not fit him!

  5. Hum...I dunno, if you don't need them and the hubby does, then I'd give them to him but if not, then keep em girl!! Have a great Easter!!! Hugs!

  6. Maybe you should break them in half and each of you can have one to cover one eye...

    hmmmm what to do...well if you like um and your gonna use them, keep them....but if not then give them to him

    Have a great easter!

  7. If they feel right on you, keep them. Sunglasses are a personal thing. If they don't or you're not sure, then let Hubby try them out.

  8. Who needs them more? I love my giveways...hard for me to part with them. But if it would make him happy??? So hard!

  9. I love spring too! Congrats on the the giveaway - great sunglasses!

  10. I love spring!!! :) :) The sunglasses are super nice! :)

  11. ahh the do i share running gear dilemma..I usually want to hoard it for myself but this one seems pretty nice to share