Daily Chatter

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I love Wednesdays!

Today is Wednesday.  I love Wednesday. 
Today we have nothing but school and work.
I get to go home after work.
Not run errands.
Not go to practice.
But go home and run.
I get to leave all my worries and stress in little footprint size piles along the beautiful roads I run on.
Then I get to feel that success that comes from having done something great for myself and give the rest of my evening to the family.
Give a happier, calmer, refeshed me to my kids for the rest of the night.

I love Wednesdays.  Did I say that?
Just look at the great start this Wednesday had!
3.5 miles (okay, too much windy but it's Wednesday so no complaining!)
of a wonderful wake up run with little bug-man peacefully sleeping the sights away.
I just can't wait to see the road again tonight!

3 Changes Challenge

April 27th - Tuesday

1. h2o/non-caffeinated - 70oz- Success

2. Destress - (Very hectic day) Spent time in prayer while running in the morning.  Took a few minutes after the kids were in bed and the house was quiet to simply be quiet too...Nice - Success

3. Xtrain - Ab Ripper X in the laptop while watching/listening to TBL - Success

Jen at Setting You Free is hosting a great Little MissMatched Giveaway!  We all know where that inspiration came from, Yep, Tonia at Racing with Babes who has the cutest running outfits.  After my Ultra my poor toes NEED a pair of super cute socks to hide their ugliness.  So go over and tell Jen I sent you!


  1. Well I never gave to much thought to Wednesday but after reading this post how could you not love Wednesday. :)

  2. what a beautiful place to run! Love the green hills and sunshine!

  3. Gorgeous!! Reminds me a lot of NE Iowa, where my grandmother lived and I spent a lot of time as a kid. You touched on some great memories for me today, this lovely Wednesday! :)

  4. I remember when Wednesdays mattered. Being in retail, every day seems the same. But, getting out and celebrating "every day" is easy to do. ;)

  5. Your Wednesdays are my Mondays. Love days like that!

  6. Ahhh what an awesome day! You look great :)

  7. Hmm, I'm not such a fan of Wednesdays... not sure why. Just the mid-week BLAHS I suppose. A good run can always cure that, though. ENJOY!

  8. Glad you are having a lovely Wednesday! Any day that allows for extra running is a good day.

  9. All good reasons to love Wednesday! Enjoy!

  10. I love your Wednesdays and I want one.

  11. Shelly - How do you do it? You sound like you are always on the go. Really - how do you do it - running in the morning and evening?

  12. I got to go right home after work yesterday too!!! That hadn't happened in 3 weeks!

  13. I'm so envious of your running routes. Everything is always so beautiful and calming.