Daily Chatter

Saturday, April 3, 2010

We startem' young

Today was a busy day. 
Just not enough hours to get everything done so we had to recruit everyone to help out.

Littlest helped hubbs mow the yard. 
Although I am fairly certain he felt he could have done it all by himself. 
Littlest felt that way, not hubbs!
That kid can figure ANYTHING out.  It's scary at times.

I did get a quick run in with littlest
(I will spare you another sweaty photo of me.  It's my Easter gift to you!)
we did our 6.5 mile loop.  We had to hurry to make the Easter egg hunt at our church.
Luckily we live really close by!

And just like my manly mowers, I must be going lots of hopping to get to tonight.
That Easter bunny has baskets and goodies to get ready!

Enjoy your holiday with your family and friends!


  1. Those photos are too cute! My oldest loved to sit on the mower pretending. He could do it for hours.
    Have a great day tomorrow :)

  2. Sweet! When I was younger my dad would always bring home "presents" for me: lawn mower, rake, clippers...

  3. My friend Colleen would love those photos! Her husband works for John Deere

  4. hoppy easter!

    i remember helping my dad mow when i was little too! :)

    love the pics!

  5. Boys and tractors. We were in the USA last year and HAD to stop at a John Deere spot, where we took all sorts of pictures of our guys climbing tractors and standing inside the big wheels!

  6. Cute photos of Littlest and Hubbs. My kids are fascinated by tractors - they always want to try each one out at Lowe's!

  7. Sooo cute! Just got caught up with all your posts! Sounds like Spring & Morton have made a nice come back! And all your runs are sounding strong! You are one speedy lady!! I want to be like you when I grow up :)
    Hope your Easter was nice!! Happy Monday!