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Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Sleep Over, Nudity, an Afternoon Run and Hair Weight Loss

A Sleep Over
My middle one still does not sleep over at her friend's houses, they all come to our house.  So after going to see a play Friday night with her friend, middle one showed up at the door with a sleep over all planned except for okaying it will Mommy first. 
Oh well.  The more the merrier, right?  The girls had fun trying to stay up late and then playing the morning away.  Middle one's friend.  Wait.  I don't call middle one that at all.  And although I like to avoid names on my blog Middle one is really sgetti' noodle.  (When she was a baby and a toddler she was always wiggling - like a noodle.)  Back to the story.
Sgetti noddle's friend needed to be home for a birthday party.  So Sgetti' noodle went too.
Fun was had!

Don't worry.  It's cute nudity not my had-three-babies-not-so-young-anymore-type nudity.

Little Bug-man (who is called that since his Dad worked in pest elimination for a while) seemed to think that it was far warmer today then it actually was.  He kept taking off his clothes AND dripping water from his sippy cup on himself.  Luckily the diaper didn't come off...until he figures that one out.  Even with the clothes off and water all over the floor he is far too cute to get very mad at.

An Afternoon Run

With lots of running around with the kiddos today the running had to wait until the afternoon.  My motivation was beginning to wane so I am pleased that I got any miles in today.  Little Bug-man and I did our 6.5 loop and I feel really strong for the first half then I died a bit after the two BIG hills. 
It was nice and sunny when I started.

Little Bug-man was not happy when the run was over.  He woke up from his nap grouchy!

It wasn't long before the light was leaving the sky.  I waited way too long to run.  But was so happy to have gotten it in!  Yeah for doing it!  I really needed to de-stress.

Hair Weight Loss

One final observation.  I am getting tired of my giant pony-tail blowing all around when I run and it is windy.  Today I braided it really quick.  (Notice I use a barette to help support some of the weight of my hair)  I wonder when I get all this cut off, how much weight do you think I will lose?
I wanted to drop around 10. 
Weight loss from cutting your hair.  I think I've discovered a new fad to write about.
You think it will catch on? ;-)

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  1. My little guy also had a broken thermometer today. He insisted on wearing shorts and a t-shirt when it was only 9C outside (about 50F?). Outdoors, he ran and ran - thank goodness because that kept him warm.

  2. I love babies in diapers...too cute. It's so hard to be motivated in the afternoon to run...great job getting out there.

  3. Oh yeah, 10 lbs for sure :). I admire you for letting your hair grow, I tried that for Locks for Love and in a much-needed change, cut off 6" just before Tucson. My 46 year old body didn't sport that much hair...but I gotta say, I really miss it :(.

    You little one is precious beyond words....oh my gosh. He reminds me a LOT of one of my twins at that age with his white hair and his dangerous smile :).

    Have a great Sunday!! I feel like I've lost part our lifes for awhile...I don't know why I feel like that. Big hugs!!

  4. You have thick hair! My hair is so fine that lopping it off only shaves ounces off my weight :)

  5. hehe when I saw the title of this post I was worried! But it was cute!I cut 14 inches of curly hair off last summer! My head and neck were so much cooler.....but alas I am growing it all back out because I miss it! Have a great Sunday

  6. I cut my hair off when it was really long once, and I was SO surprised how much easier it was to hold my head up!!!

  7. Your little guy hasn't figured out the diaper yet? Hmmm, give it time! I've got a streaker here and she still hasn't grown out of it. When are you getting your hair cut? I can't wait to see pictures.

  8. That's a lot of hair. I bet you'll lose at least 5 lbs! I cut mine off a couple months ago and it's SOOO much better for running. I love it! How short are you thinking you'll cut it?

  9. My older little guy is a fan of having his clothes off (but he hates when water/milk drip on him). You have a lot of hair! It's beautiful though. :)

  10. What is it with kids always wanting to be naked? So cute. :)

    Glad you were able to sneak out for a run just before the sunlight faded.

    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend.

  11. That's some amazing hair you have there! And littlest is just too cute for words.

    Good job getting the run in. I was a total slacker and took the day off. Might have had something to do with a mid-day beer....

  12. 2 years ago i chopped off all my hair and it was great for running. the bad part came when it started growing out and it was in that in between stage.

    great job on the run!