Daily Chatter

Friday, April 16, 2010

Hello, My name is Shelly...

...And I am a Run-aholic. 
It's been 11 days straight of running.
It's been 3 hours since my last run and I am already planning the next run tonight.

I'm thinking of starting a support group. 
Wanna join?

3 Changes Challenge

April 16th - Friday - so far

1. h2o/non-caffeinated - 16oz

2. Destress - Woke up early and spend some time in prayer.  After my run I actually got time to stretch and relax (i.e., shut off my brain) but the day is not over yet... 

3. Xtrain - I did my stretching after the morning run but I want some real xtraining so I am hoping the extra weekend time will help me be successful with this goal.


  1. Shelly, you are so hardcore! I couldn't keep up with you.

  2. THAT, is a lot of running!!! Keep on keeping on woman :)

  3. You scare me LOL! My legs would have left me by now if I'd run 11 days (especially doubles) in a row!

  4. I hope I am like that someday. I really do. I have yet to run more than 2 days in a row {I only run back to back on Wed/Thurs with my training schedule}. You make me feel like a wuss LOL

  5. you are a runnaholic! I used to do that, but I'm trying to be better with very quality workouts and I don't have your fitness to do quantity and quality

  6. You're in good company! Love your number 2 plans!

  7. I will join...though I might not be as addicted as you are...yet. U crazy Girl! Sounds like a great day. Always love your pictures.

  8. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem ...

  9. hahhaha. u make me laugh.