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Friday, April 9, 2010

What Brings You Back?

Littlest Bug-man and I were crazies - not like the new movie just runner crazy - last night and went for a run ht in a threatening thunderstorm.  Luckily all we got was wet and wind blown.  
Bug-man loves the jogger's weather shield!
I needed that run having loads on stress on me right now with family issues.

When I woke this morning still feeling the stress bug-man and I went out for a quick wake up run.  I was also remembering my verbalized desire to do morning runs every day this week.  My body was not so much in favor of another run - left glute hurt, calves sore, legs leaden - but we did it anyway.
You never regret the runs you take.

As I was rolling my post for today over in my mind, I thought about the wonderful 2 new followers who have joined us lately. (Hi!  I'll be around soon to say Hello!) 
 I wondered, "What is it that makes a blog one that you will make time to read?" 
I have a scale for blogs I follow;  I like it, I love it, I Gotta Have it!  Yes, I do love Cold Stone!  The blogs under each catergory change from time to time but I simply can not always make enough time to read and comment on all blogs I follow.

So the question is, for you what separates one blog from another and makes it a Gotta Have It! for you?

Nanners Bread is having a Bondi Band giveaway and with the rising temps we need to keep that hair out of our faces!


  1. Excellent job on the morning run - 5 for 5!

    Reading blogs... that is a tough question to answer. Many of my faves are completely different and I love them for different reasons.

    I love readin run recaps, seeing photos, reading experiences of those much faster than me, reading about new places, how people find the time to run, decide on goals, etc. And sometimes I just enjoy a little bit of RANDOM!

    have a great weekend!

  2. Let's see. I have many reasons to follow various blogs. Common interests {parenting, running, Christianity} top my list. But I also follow some for giveaways or great tips. And lastly, if someone comments back & strikes me as super sweet. :)

  3. Who knows? Sometimes it's one post that inspires or intrigues me and then I stick around. The blogs that I read the most and comment on the most are the ones that I feel like I "know" the author the best. I see blogs as a personal thing and I want to feel like your friend, not a stalker ...

  4. I'm with Tonia - I usually feel a connection to the blogger for some reason or another. Either their personal story or their way of writing. I have some that I am a faithful follower of (like you) and others that I just glance at every so often.
    I always look forward to your positiveness. I am a positive person and I try to surround myself with others who are positive or make me a better person, too :) Have a wonderful weekend!
    P.S. we have called my little nephew since he was born Bugga-Boo, and now his nickname all the time is Buggs! I love that your littlest is Bug!

  5. Oh, if I tell you why I'm giving the heads-up on a post that I've been thinking over for weeks. Basically, though, it's reading what others who have the same interests that I do go through. Some remind me of me when I was younger; some are at the same stage that I am; none are what I might become (okay, I just dated myself).
    And, like Katie said, positive is a real plus in pulling me back.

  6. I have so many blogs in my reader (109, I just counted, wow!) that I just don't have time to read them all. I do have some faves, you being one of them, but a lot of times I'm drawn to blogs that keep their posts short. When I'm out of town for a while though I usually have to skip over a lot. This past weekend I got home and had 189 posts to read, that's just too much reading for me so I browsed them, checked out my faves and read the shorter posts then marked all as read. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, especially if you want time to run. :)

  7. Blogs - running has to be a theme but there needs to be the stuff of life interwoven and a bit of humour. I love blogs about everyday stuff from real people

  8. I usually choose blogs of people who share similar interests. It is fun to share stories. Since starting my running blog, I have made it a point to add slowly because I want to get to know blogs that I follow, but sometimes it is tough to get the reading in!

  9. I always call Norah my "Bug" -- must be a common term of endearment!

    My blog "must haves" vary and it's hard to pinpoint an exact reason why I love them!

  10. I have struggled with that - I want to be active on the blogs that I follow and really am happy with the number of blogs that I currently follow. There is only one blog that I don't comment on - but do enjoy reading.

    I like a diversity of people/blogs to follow - I usually find something in the blog that connects to me - or motivates me - or makes me laugh - or inspires me - or makes me say . . . oh my gosh - how does she do that . . .

  11. I have a favorites folder in my Google Reader with about 12 blogs in it (out of over 100). Those are the ones I make a point to read every time there is a new post (although I have to be honest that I don't always leave a comment). Those are the blogs that make me smile or laugh on a regular basis or make me feel like I have gotten to know the blogger because he/she is honest about who they are. There are also a few that are people I can really relate to. That is what keeps me coming back.

  12. great job on the run -- you are always inspiring me!

    I like blogs that I can relate to, other running moms, lots of photos, race recaps and stories about their kids and how they get them involved in running.

  13. My favs are ones that I feel a connection with. It is also a conversation that continues with the person through comments. I don't want it to always be a one way conversation.

  14. I'm always looking for new friends to follow but my go to blogs are the ones were I really feel like I can connect to the people writing them. i like those that the authors put themselves into and let us get to know them rather than just telling us their mileage. and I am always inspired by you running mommas! Being on the younger side, I really look up to you guys and love reading your daily trials and triumphs! I love how honest and inspiring you are!

  15. I'm always looking for runners who are consistent, passionate, and motivating. I love tips, advice, strategies, and quick food tips are great too. Most of the runners in my local area are half into running. With bloggieville, I can connect with people who are as crazy as I am about running. (or addicted):)

  16. I read consisent passionate blogs with lots of photos! I also like writers who don't take life too seriously and are funny. They are my favorite.

    Like you, I have a "read always", "try to read every day" and "read when I can" and if I get more than a few days behind in one of the two latter folders, I just delete.

    I could comment every blog, but I like to be thoughtful about my responses. BUT...I ALWAYS comment new readers and always respond to questions. I think it is important to respond to those who care enough to leave comments.