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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Art of Negotiation

I negotiation with my children everyday.  We negotiate homework, meals, baths, bedtimes...  For my children it has never been simply, "because mommy said so."  They have all practiced the art of negotiation.
I supposed they have learned from the best because I taught them to use negotiation to get closer to what they want.  I negotiate with hubbs and family to get in runs when I need a break from pushing the jogger or whenever I need help to be able to run a race. 

So this should have been no suprise.
Littlest employed the cutest-eyes-ever technique to get to stay on a relatives new 'toy' 4 wheeler.

When that started to grow old for Mommy, he attempted the often successful head-tilt-puppy-eyes-beggin-face.  That bought him a few more minutes.

But finally he had to bring out the BIG guns.  The I'll-give-you-a-kiss-if-you-give-me-what-I-want face.  That's a winner ever time!

What's your or your kids best and most successful 'begging' strategy?

We got out this morning for another wake up run!  I didn't have to negotiate to get littlest to agree.  He woke up ready to go!  Yippee. Maybe I can make it a week straight of wake up runs!?!  3.5 miles (29:35)  Tonight is another double so I am looking forward to a great sweat.  The temps are to be in the low 90s again today. 
What's on your workout plan for today?  What kinds of temps are you enjoying?


  1. I definitely could not say no to that face!

    We've been comfortable in the 60s this week. PERFECT! Though the rain is coming...

    Have a great day!

  2. wow! that face could get anything :)

  3. I would not be able to say no either!!
    It's cool here in the sixties...but will warm up by the end of the week then more rain! I'm heading home in a few for a lunch time run! Whoo hoo! Good luck in the heat :)

  4. OMG, what a cutie pie! I totally understand how you'd give in to that little guy! I'm such a softie and am WAY too much of a push-over. Probably some issue I had as a child...I should go to therapy. Haha.

    btw, ate some jelly beans last night. ugh. You need to smack me!!!!


  5. We tend to beg a little too much around here! Just another parenting issue we need to address. It is a little different when they are only one! But for a 5, 7 and 10 year old a little whining and begging just turns me off completely!

    90's? Not quite there yet! High 50's with a very heavy wind this morning on my 8.5 mile run! So glad spring is here!

  6. I am going to try a small 4 miles jog/ walk to see if my calf is up for it! We are running a little higher temps here. It is around 80 degrees and humid :(

  7. the warm weather is too much!!! I think my oldest is going to be some sort of FBI negotiator she has it down pat and I often find myself wordless when she does it because it make no sense to argue with her!!

  8. There's no negotiation around here - my kids are too old. They just tell me where they're going and what they're doing as a courtesy and if I ask them to help with any chores they oblige. it wasn't always this way but we've reached a nice stage.

  9. what a cutie!!!
    teach them young and it will stay with them forever!

    i am taking courses for work to be a Registered Condominium Manager. I need 4 courses to get my certification. I am done 3, with one more to go. i am excited to get all these done. After 4 years of university, these courses are a pain in the butt. i dont wanna do them anymore....but i have to!

  10. Negotiation is a skill; start 'em when they're young. It's important that everyone comes out happy in the end.

  11. He's adorable!

    I can't say that I'm enjoying our temps right now. I'm impressed you are handling the heat so well.

  12. Too cute! All I ever do is negociate! I left you some love on my blog today!

  13. oh my gosh that is the cutest little face!!! love it!
    it's in the mid 80's here in MS!