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Friday, April 2, 2010

Morton Make a Come Back

Yesterday was a great day.  In the Shelly dictionary of life "Great day" is defined as, "An 24 hour period that allows for 2 or more runs or workouts that are accomplished without missing family activities."
Yesterday was a Great Day!
I got in two great runs with littlest and still made it to work and to egg coloring at my sister's in the evening!

The morning run of 3.5 miles included a Morton the Muskrat sighting.  I was so happy to see him since he has been absent a lot after the recent flooding.  He still evades the paparazzi but I they won't give up.  
Littlest missed the crazy paparazzi attempts to catch a decent photo of Morton. 

After work littlest and I were out for a quick 6.5 loop.  (Quick is always relative)  But I was thrilled we got the miles in before the egg coloring tradition at my sisters.
Does your family have any Easter traditions?


Today we had new "VA" house paperwork to get done in the morning so my plans to slip out early for a longish run had to wait.  When I finally got out the door with my wonderful hubbs watching middle one and littlest!!! (Thanks hubbs!) I had to settle to 9.5 miles (1:16) under a very hot sun.  Even though I have a fuel belt and various sizes of Nathan handhelds, I neglected to grab one.  Can we say too eager?
Regretted that after the first 2 miles.  Luckily I did have some Chomps which at least kept my mouth from getting too dry.  I was sweated wet and my visor was covered with salt.  Hopefully the weather will ease into there higher temps a little more slowly than it has done for this holiday weekend.  I need time to adjust.

I thought the kiddos were happy to have we finish and be home because they ran out to greet me.  Wrong!  Littlest just kept running.  Maybe he thought it was his turn to put in some miles.
He had some really nice form going on!

Enjoy your Easter Holiday!

Whether you observe the religious holiday or not take time to be apprecative of all the wonderful aspects of your life.  Try to see if the issues you thought were "negative" simply needed to be viewed differently to help turn them into an opportunity to be positive.

If you change the way you look at things.
The things you look at change.


  1. I really need to get motivated to do those twice daily runs. I just can't seem to wake up early enough to get out to do them. My bed is too cozy!

    Glad your day was so good. Hope all the new house stuff is working out!

  2. Nope no Easter traditions here, I will probably dye eggs with the girls and put together a little easter egg hunt for em tomorrow. Glad to hear you had a great day balancing workouts and family time definitely constitutes a great day. Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. congrats on the 2 runs! thats awesome!
    Our tradition is going to church tomorrow with a basketful of eggs, bread, salt and pepper and some other foods to get them blessed by the priest.

  4. We always color eggs too! My husband organizes that one. Tonight I am going out for a run while the kiddies work on the eggs. :)

  5. we will have an easter egg hunt in the backyard sometime this weekend.
    The hubbs is still out of town so its just me and the boys but it will be fun all the same! I sure wish I could run more! I have serious runners envy lol! So glad you could get your two runs in!
    Have fun this weekend!
    Oh yeah, we have a wood chuck that lives in our backyard! Must name him one of these days :)

  6. Hooray for good days!
    Here we dye eggs, go to an egg hunt or 2, have one here Easter morning along with baskets, the usual fun stuff.
    have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Morton!! I am sooo impressed with your daily 10 milers..you rack up more miles than I do in Marathon training. VERY cool!!

    Love the picture of littlest

  8. Two runs in one day! I am hoping the weather doesn't warm up too quickly either! I like to have spring weather in spring! :)

    We usually do an egg hunt, color eggs, and give out little gifts to the kids. Pretty low key but sugar is what they are hoping for . . . of course!

  9. Your quotation fits perfectly with my post today, which is all about perception :) Cool!! Of course, I agree 100%

  10. Gosh, I don't know how you manage to get the time in for two runs - and with kids. You are Power.

  11. Hmmm, it appears taht Morton is a touch more active than "the littlest!"

    Two runs; one day - call me jealous!

  12. Love your definition of "great day". :)

    No water for a hot and sunny 9.5 miles? I'd be dead on the road by now. Remember your bottle(s) next time!