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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hard to think of anything else

I am sure that many of us have our minds in Boston today.  With so many bloggy friends running, it is hard to think of little else.  Although my goals do not include a Boston marathon (I've quailified many times but just don't have the desire for the BIG marathon experince, yet!), I am filled with such excitement for those running.  I can not imagne the experince a race at the level must hold. 
Since everyone you toes that line today is a WINNER in my book,
little bug-man is decked out in medals for you all! 

Today I am looking at a measly 10 - 13 miles today.  But I will run them with as much heart as I can since I will be eager to get them done to read all the race reports!
This morning I only had time for my wake up run of 3.5 (27:00, yes flat!)  I have a Relay for Life 5k this Saturday and I am going to say out loud that I want under 23:00 for my time.  Is that possible with all the joggie stroller pushing I am doing?  I know that I can finish in 23:30 that has been my time the last 2 5ks I have run but being a fan of tiered goals I will say:

My DREAM it goal:  sub 23:00
My LOVE it goal:  23:??
My I CAN goal:  24:30
My I FINISHED goal:  25:00

Because I know on any given day things can go a hundred different ways, I will not be too disappointed if my race does not go the way I want.  But I want something to shoot for if the body, the weather, the mind, the will of God is all working for me. 

Congrats to all the Boston finishers!

3 Changes Challenge

April 17th & 18th - Saturday & Sunday

1. h2o/non-caffeinated - 138oz - Success
2. Destress - Spent time in prayer throughout the day and did yoga after I got the kiddos in bed (Sat), prayer time, streching, yoga, used little bug-man's nap to relax instead of trying to squeeze more in (Sun) - Success

3. Xtrain - (Sat.) Did P90x in the evening!  (Sun) Sore but did my push ups, situps, planks, hand weights series of exercises.  - Success


  1. Great job with your challenges. I know, my mind is all over Boston today. Same boat--I'm qualified and have qualified many times, but chose not to go. Still, a bit of jealousy watching from afar!

  2. I'm thinking about Boston as well! I am excited to read the race reports! Way to go with your challenges!

  3. Yay for crosstraining!! You are totally going to go sub 23!

  4. You can SO sub-23!

    Just curious, but why no interest in Boston? You're a speedster, and like you said, you have already qualified. I'm just curious since most runners would kill to BQ and get to the "big show"!

  5. Wow! You've qualified for Boston??? You just have no desire? I know I'm new but I think that makes you certifiable, my dear. :) jk

    A measly 10 miles. Girl I haven't gotten past 2 1/2 yet LOL

  6. you are doing great with the challenge!! Wow sub 23 a stroller, that would be me dying, but you I totally know it's possible

  7. I am rooting for you and hope you make your goals! I know I love to read about them and am inspired by you!
    I would love to qualify for Boston but have no desire to actually travel to run the big race.
    I need to get in a stroller run this week...

  8. good luck with the 5K!!

    i spent all morning obsessing over boston while at work. shhhh. don't tell my coworkers. ;-)

  9. Cute picture! Way to keep up with your challenge and I'm sure you'll rock that 5k!

  10. you always take such cute photos!! I love your tiered goals for yourself and how you classify them. You are going to do it. You are too awesome not to!

  11. Wow, sub-23 is zippy! I hope you can do it. ;)

  12. Measly 10 - 13? I was aiming for 13 but only ran 10; my cold is getting in the way and I don't want to push it.
    23:30 is doable. Just start at your normal pace and pick it up after mile 2.

  13. AWW, cute pic of the kiddo with medals. What a great Boston Marathon Day today!

    5K sub-23... you can do that!!

  14. Love the pics! Thanks for the good wishes! It was an amazing weekend!