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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That's why theres a .5

Hello faith followers!  I just don't say that enough. 
I just start right off into my own little story without recongizing that you are even there.  Sorry.
I do really appreciate each and every one of you who takes the time to read along and offer your two or three cents.  Your little insights just make my day! 

And now for the story.  Since you have been following along I am sure that you've noticed that the majority of my regular runs end in a .5.  Did you ever wonder why?
With my current life schedule I have found that breaking up my mileage in a morning and evening run throughout the week helps me fit it all in.  Some days getting myself back out there to do the second half of a day's run is not so easy. 
I tried several tricks bribes to help make myself get the miles in; promise myself treats only after the run was finished, remind myself that I never regret the runs I take but always regret the ones I miss, had my kids remind me what a grouch I was if I didn't run lovingly encourage me to go.  These techniques worked sometimes but not always.
The one thing I have found that works for me is the .5
Well, it could be any fraction of a mile really.  It's just leaving a mile unfinished.

When I started running one of the things I would not do is quit.  I would not walk.  I would not stop.  What ever distance I set out to do.  I did.  I finished.
So now when I leave the morning run with that half mile unfinished I feel that my day is not complete until I finish it.  Once I am out there running I simply run the remaining distance that I had planned for the day.
And then I am Finished.

My kiddos couldn't wait for me to be finished today either.
Even with the terribly cold wind they wanted to play outside once Little Bug-man and I got back.
I guess for them, without Play their day was not Finished.

3 Changes Challenge

April 28th - Wednesday

1. h2o/non-caffeinated - 65oz- Success

2. Destress - I did pray today. (+)  I stressed over tomorrows closing (-)  I was happy about no "extras" to do on Wednesday (+)  My run was so hard due to jogger and wind that I didn't feel the relaxing run time (-) - I think the stress evens out today BUT Needs Improvement

3. Xtrain - worked all day, 3 loads of laundry, huge pile of dishes and homework (does any of that count?) - (ok I know) Needs Improvement


  1. I just can't get over your property and the view!! It looks so beautiful albeit a bit chilly still!
    I hate leaving the miles left undone as well but the kids do demand their play and they can out grouch me any day if they don't get it!!!!!

  2. Hey, whatever it takes to get you out for a run! Find what works and use it, I say. Good job. ;)

  3. What a fun idea! But I'm not sure it would provide the same motivation for me! I usually try to make it up the next day by doing another .5 so that it makes a complete whole! :)
    Hope all goes well on your closing!

  4. Great strategy for making sure you get out there, even after a long and hard day. All of your double runs are so inspiring!

  5. AWESOME to look at it that way. May help me get the double runs in since I do not have the time to run 7-8 miles in one stretch.

    Thanks for entering my giveaways.

  6. I love why you leave .5! Great idea for you. Love the pictures!

  7. That is very cool! Love the pic!

  8. If it works for you...keep doing it!

  9. I think I'd do the same thing - any mind games you can do always help!

  10. What a gorgeous view of your property :) I like the idea of the .5!!

  11. I love this method. I might just have to implement it to increase my mileage! Thanks for the tip!

  12. I think that .5 is great. :D cute picture; you look like you have such fun with the kids. And I think dishes & laundry count (maybe not a lot but a little). :D

  13. It's great to know yourself so well! To know you'll get no peace of mind until you finish your mile. I love this technique.


  14. That is a great trick! I'm glad you found something that gets you moving! It's so true, you never regret the runs you do!
    Happy Thursday!

  15. Funny! I use the .5 or .whatever to increase my mileage for the week. I run my planned miles and then try to add on just a little with the minute or two extra that I have.

    Whatever works to keep you getting out there!

  16. It's great that you have something that works for you.

    Hope your days are relaxing and that all your house issues go smooth.