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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sometimes they feel like a run. Sometimes they don't.

Last evening wonderful hubbs took s'getti noodle to her soccer practice and little bug-man and I got to go straight home after work.  I love those days!  It had been sprinkling rain and chilly all day but I was determined to get out for an "extra" run. 
When the start of the 3 Changes Challenge hosted by the lovely Amanda I knew I needed to create some quiet time to focus on my prayers (if you are more comfortable with the word mediation that's fine but for me I call it prayers.).  So off we went merrily down the road for my typical evening work day run of 6.5 miles.  Everything was going well until I was about three quarters of the way round the loop, that's when I decided that the sun had gone low enough that the wind was really getting cold on little bug-man.  Mind you he was chatting merrily along.  Once I got the weather shield on little bug-man started to yell and then scream at the top of his lungs.  He threww his hat out, a fact I didn't become aware of until I had ran a quarter mile down the road.  (I look where I want to go not at my feet)  Little bug-man laughed, he actually laughed as I parked him at the rec field and sprinted back to get the hat.  Once I returned with the hat, the screaming continued. 
He was not happy.
I tried to remind him how he loves to go "joggie" with mom by stopping to see the goats at a farm near our house.

There were even new babies to watch.

And the old billy who snorts at us when we stop and get close.  But that didn't make little bug-man happy.  Now I know what other mommies deal with when they talk about their kiddos NOT liking the jogger.  I am sure little bug-man was just ready to be done.

After last evenings screaming run, I was unsure how LBM would handle getting into the jogger but even with all the fog that kept him from seeing all the animals he chatted merrily the whole way.  At least until he fell back to sleep.

It was a great start to my day.  I love running in the fog!  And I already spent some time in prayer this morning so I can have a SUCCESS for #2 of the 3 Changes Challenge (3CC)!

Did you commit to making positive changes in your daily habits?

Amanda @ Run to the Finish is hosting another GREAT challenge and I am all about having something to work toward!  So I have challenged myself for the next 30 days to:

1.  Drink more water - aiming to hit at least 64oz. a day of non-caffeinated fluids
2.  Use Daily prayer/meditation to reduce my stress
3.  Cross train 2 days a week (even if I run those days!)

So at the end of my posts I will list my success or needs to improve for the 3 goals.  You all will have to help me be accountable.  Of course, I want to win this but most importantly I make to make some healthy changes to my deeply engrained daily habits.

3 Changes Challenge
April 13th
1. h2o - 68oz - Success
2. Destress - Used my running time last evening to focus my mind on others (at least until Max melted down!) - Success
3. Xtrain - Did my sit ups and streching (which I rarely do) but I think this is still a needs improvement to be counted!

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  1. awww u little on is cute. and i bet he loves his joggies with his mommy.

    i havent thought about my 3 things, but i do like Amanda's challenge. Will think about it on my run today!

  2. Always love your posts ... and the photos. Curious, with all the miles you have under your belt, what is the farthest you've run with jogging stroller? About 4 mi is my max!! But, you are a rock star -- so I'm curious!?!?!

    Hey -- thanks for the shout-out!

  3. Wow, you are DEDICATED to the challenge. Love the follow up. You want to win again, don't you? :)

    I am participating also!

  4. Nice job with both runs and getting your challeneges met!

  5. hehe you did totally link me up :)

    Sorry for the screaming runs, maybe now he wants to run too!

  6. Nice photos! I love goats!
    I am signed up for the challenge, sort of. I can't think of 3 meaningful changes right now. Still working on that though.
    Your little guy is so cute!

  7. Great photos!!

    Come on over to enter my Bondi Band giveaway

  8. I've had days like that. They seem to forget the bad runs - thankfully.
    Now that mine is older, he can't wait to hop in the jogger; he's so grateful to be included that he doesn't whine at all.

  9. shelly.....
    i know u know about my race. and i know u really want to run it with me. lol

    on Friday is National PJ Day and in honour of that i am doing a Virtual race.
    You have to run 12.3k sometime this weekend. You have today till Sunday to run the distance of 12.3k (7.64 miles). and let me know your time and u will be entered into a giveaway.

    this is the original post. check it out

  10. you dont actually have to run in your pjs! hhhaha. that was just as a joke.
    there is a note on the bottom in small print. lol

    thank u for joining! good luck!