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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vikings, Attack!

Vikings get a bad wrap.  You only ever hear about the pillage and plunder part these kindly vikings stopped by my house last night and the giant mess aside, they were lively company!

(Insert evil laugh)

Happy with all the booty they stole!
(took from the candy stash!)

That was our fun after a majorly messed up evening of "should have been gymnastics-was supposed to turn into soccer practice-the coach was a no show-ended up visiting with another players mom while the kiddos eat ice cream-followed by covert Easter shopping while middle one was reading on the pharmacy benches-mad dash home to finish homework and collapse!
I'll spare you all the details.

This morning I got out for a quick wake up run which I really needed after the terrible non-sleep schedule littles has fallen into.  3.5 (27:36) yeah for a little speed again!  After work I am hoping to get out and make some more vitamin D with the littlest.

What's your plan to work off that Easter candy?
Come on admit it!  I know you ate a little bit of what you bought for the kids!

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  1. Well I haven't bought the candy so that is a starter to keep me from eating it :). We are trying to decide a way to do less candy - since the kids will go to an egg hunt on Saturday and get enough there!

    Love the Viking hats! Playing is so important . . . read more about this on my blog today!


  2. No kids here...so no candy...BUT...I will be on vacation, so I really have to be mindful!

  3. Ha! I haven't purchased the candy so that I don't eat it. Planning on stocking up tonight and logging like 50 miles this week to burn it off!

    Thanks for the link love!

  4. Mmm, Easter chocolate! I don't have any kids, but I'll definitely be buying some more myself. :)

    Nice morning run!

  5. Are you kidding me?? I'm going to go into a major sugar coma of Easter candy that I'm saving til after I cross Boston, and it'll be the second I cross, too!!!! Chocolate bunnies, eggs, jelly beans, peeps...all of it, bring it on!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Love your kiddos pictures, soooo cute!!!

  6. Yes, yesterday I put myself into a coma after eating too many black jelly beans--my weakness! I had to throw them out. My problem is that I will be tapering next week, so shorter workouts plus more candy = bad news!

  7. Gorgeous pics :)
    Easter brunch this coming Sunday is likely to find me eating a little chocolate dessert!

  8. Chocolate should be a food group. I'm not even going to worry about working off the candy; otherwise, I wouldn't enjoy it as much.

    If only all Vikings were as cute as yours...