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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A View from the Front

Mom is distracted with mommy things so I can steal a few minutes to finally tell you all what it is like to see the world from the jogging stroller.
I've been trying to get my post together all covert-like but mommy keeps interupting me!
Most of you know my mom via this blog.  So you know that my mommy loves to run.  A lot.  To tell you the truth, I'm okay with that.  I have gotten to see loads of things because mommy ran by them all the while chatting her head off; "Oh Max look at that hawk!...Max did you see those deer?...Buddy do you want to touch this turtle?...Look over there!  That's where your cousin wrecked her bike while I was running...Max that is where your sister's friend lives....Oh look at that sun rise!..." 

I indulge her and try to listen but I often fall asleep.  Come on!  Who could blame me?  I have such a sweet ride!  Warm heating pad and fuzzy blankets when it is cold.  The air and sunshine in my face when it's warm.  All the snacks I could want.  Mom even gives in and lets me have a lollipop sometimes while she is jogging.  But I think she is trying to bribe me to be good with that one. 
Don't tell her I'm on to that or the lollipops might stop!

I just want to ease all your mommy minds.  Us little ones, we love going for "joggies."  We get to see a little bit of what you mommys do when you put on those tight colorful clothes and fancy shoes.  We enjoy getting to share in seeing our neighborhoods and spotting wildlife from the comfort of your gently jiggling joggers.  So the next time you put your little guys and gals in the jogger and they fuss remember we secretly really like it!  It's just like you when you start a run.  At first you don't really want to do it but then you are so glad you did!
One final note.  I think mommy is coming! 
Thanks to all of you out there who have let nice comments about me and my sister and brother.  Mommy tells me all about them.  I just can't help it I'm so cute.  It comes naturally. 


  1. that was awesome! more posts like that, pllllllsss!!! hahahha

  2. So funny ... I've always wondered what my kids would say if they hijacked my blog!

  3. Such a cutie and wow impressive vocab too!

  4. Adorable, absolutely adorable. I'm a new follower and am hoping to run my first ultra this fall.

  5. Too cute. I always wonder what it would be like to get to ride along while someone pushes you around. Now I know. I would be just like Max and probably fall asleep. ;-)

  6. Max, I love my baby jogger too and I'm just over 4. I have to beg Mom to take me in it; can you believe that she sometimes says she is going to far to push me now that I'm getting so big?
    Just wait - in a few years, you can tell your mom about all of the cool parks and slides that you have seen when you're in the jogger. And, you can ask her all of the things that are on your mind. Since she's trapped, she'll have to answer them.

  7. Love it. We just got back from a double jogger run...I know that my boys love it too

  8. babahahahahaha! i love this post! what a cutie!

  9. Very cute post definitely put a smile on my face while I was reading it. :)

  10. Good to hear from the little ones! Thanks for this report.

    And to your mom: isn't it the best, how running allows you to spend time with your child and get a good workout?!