Daily Chatter

Sunday, March 21, 2010

March in the 70s

It was beyond nice today. 
I had a difficult time in church focusing on the sermon because one cute little 18 month old boy couldn't behave of the amazing weather that was waiting outside for me!
I reminded myself of the importance of why I was at church in the first place and paid attention but when service was over littlest and I eagerly hit the roads!
We did our 9.5 mile loop today.  Having ran 6.5 yesterday with the jogger I didn't think I was up for too much more distance since I was pushing the jogger again and wanted to be able to hold a decent pace.

This route took us on a back road closer to the mountain.  There a these giant old trees that I love.  Their branches are so thick and wavy.  This picture does not do it's size justice!

After our run (1:23:01) the middle one joined us for a walk to my sister's and then the church so she could ride her scooter and draw with chalk.

I was a salty mess after running in the 70 degree temps even though I took water and drank.  Running in the heat will take some getting used to!

The birds were chirping so loudly that I couldn't ignore them any longer.  I went to check on my feeders, some of which had fallen over the winter.  I felt quilty for having disturbed all the ladybugs.  They seemed to be having their own little race to see who could get away the fastest.
With all this racing talk, I can't wait to go read how everyone did over the weekend with their races!

Army son update.  Graduation is THIS Friday!


  1. Love the ladybugs, I have a thing for ladybugs actually.
    Awesome job on the run and a big congrats to Army Son!!!

  2. What a lot of ladybugs! This week, I counted 4 ladybugs (I don't know how they survived the winter), 2 spiders and one ant. Now it's cold again and everything is disappearing. Actually, I don't mind the end of spiders and ants, but I do like ladybugs.

    Good running!

  3. lady bugs are EVERYWHERE HERE! I highly DISPISE THEM! they are stinky and make annoying sounds when they fly into stuff. GROSS! ahhh goose bumps! ha ha ha!

    sounds like you had some great weather! JEALOUS!!!

  4. oh my little missy (3) would have scooped up all those lady bugs she has been looking for them all weekend! I got so used to running in the cold that running in these warmer temps is a little bit harder than I expected!

  5. Glad you were able to enjoy the nice weather this weekend. Definitely have to get used to running in the heat again! My skin has been caked with salt!

  6. I'm not ready for running those temps either. I prefer running when it is in the 30s, 40s.

    Good job on your run!

  7. Oh man, the heat has come quick this week! It was close to 80 yesterday when I hit the roads with my cousin! I even got a sunburn! LOL!
    Glad you got some good miles in and some fun time with the kiddos :) Congrats to your son, Friday will come quick!

  8. thats a lot of ladybugs! i heard we are gonna have lots and lots this summer! glad u had nice weather!!! hopefully it continues!
    awesome job on all ur runs! u amaze me with ur times! even with a jogger, ur runs are much much faster than mine! great job!

    happy monday!

  9. I miss the big swarms of ladybugs! It's that time of year!