Daily Chatter

Monday, May 10, 2010

It was a wonderful morning after Mother's Day in our house.
My daughter, inspired by Tonia @ Racing with Babes (socks) and Jill @ Run with Jill (loving pink) rocked a super cute outfit this morning.  I know she always has a better when she feels pretty so I love it when she really digs her outfit!

I got out for the last of my jogger-less runs this morning.  3.5 miles (26:57)  Having Hubbs home to help out was GREAT!  My neck and back soreness (that I think stemmed from overuse pushing the jogger on my hilly runs) is much improved after several days of non-jogger runs.  Tonight I return to being a jogging stroller mama with Hubbs working at the new house for a few days.  I will let you know how the neck and back hold up.

I will leave you with a few shots from the Catch Me If You Can trail 10 miler.  These are from the second lap around the lake.  I was not surprised to see I was still smiling!   I love trail running.

3 Changes Challenges

May 6th through 9th - Thursday through Sunday

1. h2o/non-caffeinated - ++64 oz. each day - Success

2. Destress - Praying is back to being a priority where it should be.  Setting aside that time really helps me focus on other things that help me realize my stresses are really not as big as I let them appear. - Success
3. Xtrain - This remains a challenge that I have not committed to.  I can get myself to stretch after runs and do my sits and push ups sometimes but I have not made cross training a priority.  I know I will not see changes in my conditioning if I don't do this!  - Needs Improvement (I stink at cross training!)


  1. Hope you feel okay pushing the stroller again. Great trail run pics - you look so happy!

    And DD is a cutie.

  2. Love that outfit - she is adorable!
    I hope that the stroller isn't the ultimate cause of your neck problems! Otherwise you might be up a creek! Maybe doing some good neck stretches and core stretches when you finish (which will also score you some Amanda points!) will be necessary when you finish your stroller runs? Just a thought...
    Happy Monday!

  3. Love the photos! Smiling while running is the best :)
    Love your daughters look, very cute!

  4. Your daughter looks adorable. Love those socks! And you look fantastic in those shots! I wish I looked that happy in the second half of a race!

  5. You both look adorable! Pop on over to my blog you are a winner!

  6. great outfit!! very cool!! oh, the dreaded battle of cross training...it never ends!

  7. You look like you're having the time of your life on that trail!

  8. Shelly - sounds like you need to get out there and run . . . you need to relieve some stress. ;-)

  9. I can tell you love trail runs just by looking at your face.

  10. You both look so stylish and happy! 2 peas in a pod. You are made for the trails I think.

  11. Great pictures of you and your daughter!

  12. Love the trail photos!!!