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Thursday, July 25, 2013

CFEs, Rural Life and a Perfect Moment

It started as an off run.  You know that feeling when you legs and your mind just don't seem to speak each other's language.  My back was sore, my hamstrings tight and my mind just wasn't into it.  But there are many days when my runs are a struggle to get started and end up being blissfully sweet in the end.  So I pushed on feeling like a slug.
 As I pushed up the first long steep hill it started.  A feeling most every runner has felt, often at the most inopportune times.  We try to ignore it but sooner or later we are all reduced by that stomach sickening feeling of needing to find a bathroom...now.
My run continued up that hill and the next and the next but finally at the end of a long decline I made a sharp right turn into the corn field to cop a squat.  A corn field emergency.  They may not be very glamorous but growing up a farm kid they just a part of the way we lived.  Outside.
It was much easier to duck among the corn stalks than run into the house when we were in the midst of the hours spent outside playing anything and everything with nothing.  I want that simple life mentality for my kids too.  They have been getting big doses of that these past weeks.  Playing in the corn fields, spending our days outside, visiting with family that includes other beyond the family we created and giving out time to help our community.  It makes me giddy to see my children enjoying the same things I enjoyed as a child.  This is the life I wish we could live every single day. 
 As I sit outside in my backyard watching LBM run barefoot between excitedly watching the farmer teet the hay and running through the rows of corn, I'm afraid to move.  As if some how I will disturb the perfection in this moment.  So for now I'll sit here in my still sweaty running clothes watching my children live a perfect childhood day.

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