Daily Chatter

Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Hot Topic

Since deciding to sign up for The Ring, I've been running during the hottest part of the day.  Because I'm just that stupid. 

It seemed like a great idea when I first started but then the temps rose and didn't stop.  Yesterday was the hottest run I've done in ages.  90+ degrees with no air movement and little shade kept my miles in the single digits. 

The plan does seem to be working.  I'm not dying during my runs.  I'm only losing a pound or two on my hour runs which is quickly replaced.  Next week will bring a return to double days but the temps are to moderate a bit by then.

Until then I'll remember to carry water and a phone, put on sun screen and make sure someone knows where I'll be.  Then after my run a cool bath or swim in the pool and rehydrating are a MUST!


  1. If there's anything that can make me skip a run it's heat. I applaud you for keeping on going.


  2. Nice work running through it. We're doing our best here in the Northeast as well. Looking forward to running in "cooler" temps (like, anything under 90) hopefully on Sunday.

  3. Ugh, I hate running in the heat. More so because I'm already a heavy sweater and the heat & massive humidity make is horrid! However, because I have an ultra in August I force myself out into in. Yeah, I'm that stupid too ;)