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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Speaking of Teeth...

If you popped by for yesterday's post, you know I was talking about teeth.  Dogs teeth.  And my desire to keep them off of my legs, arms, face, what have you.  Well, now I've got a new thing to worry about biting me and it's called
I just shouldn't be left alone.  While the super secret spy is off saving the world I decided to live vicariously through my running friends.  During the summer I usually don't race much since we try to fill our available time with family adventures and kid activities.  I usually feel really good about it since the family has supported me the other 3/4 of the year while I am training and racing.  But something happened last week and I found myself really missing serious trail running.  I was doping myself with little fixes of race reports and running club pages when it happened.  My MMT pacer, D commented about a great training run she had.  I asked her if she and signed up for the Ring which is a pretty big deal since she has another big race shortly after the Ring. 
One brief chat later and
I'm in.
Go ahead and check it out.  The Ring has everything that challenges me, no race markings, rocky technical trails, 71 miles, limited support.  There are times when I wonder, "who do I think I am?"  And then there are days when I try and find out.  August 31st will be one of those kind of days. 
What have you jumped into lately?

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  1. Sounds like an awesome run! I recently jumped straight in to signing up for my first 50 miler. November 16, here I come!