Daily Chatter

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I Finally Changed My Shirt

If you follow me on FaceBook, Twitter and instagram - and why wouldn't you - you have probably wondered why did the past week and a half I have only been seen in one pink stripped tank top.  I did try running in a cotton tank one day and I still have the chafe marks to prove it.

Well I'm here today much to those around me when I run to say I finally changed my shirt.
It was finally cool enough to wear my Virginia Happy Trail Runners Club blue shirt.  Thanks goodness because those were the only two running shirts I packed. 
Lesson learned:  Don't try to under pack when it comes to running clothes!


  1. I always tend to overpack running gear. I've forgotten other essentials, though, like pj's and bras. Priorities!

  2. Did you ever wash the pink striped tank?

  3. What's your Instagram name? I'd love to follow you. So inspiring!