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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A.M. Runs, Sleep Overs and Baking on Whole30

The birds were singing this morning and the sun was up long before I wanted to be.  Even though we have mere days to pack we found ourselves in the pool again until late last night.  The water temperature hovering just under 90 degrees the family was just enjoying the warm swim in the moon light and so was I until the effects of several late night swims began to add up.  But I was up and hit my a.m. miles again now I wait patiently for the rest of my family to begin to stir.  They won't linger in their beds too long because today...and tomorrow will be another sleep over. 
Sleeps overs mean baking and last night after the late night swim I was in front of the oven make chocolate chip cookies.  Not a healthy almond flour variation but real bad for you, full of sugar chocolate chip cookies.  As the end of my first round of the Whole30 draws near, I am thinking about how much differently I will handle my food choices when I am not on a Whole30 cycle.  At about day 5 I dreamed of day 31 when I could stuff my gob with well...gobs!  Then about day 17 I felt like I would never eat sugar again and who needs bread or dairy.  But today I know that I will eat some of the things I did before but I won't choose to eat them for the same reasons.  I made many food choices out of sheer convenience.  Simply because I was too lazy to cook or come up with something better to eat.  After these 30 days I seem to know myself a little bit better .  If resisting some gooey, chocolaty, warm, golden brown cookies after almost 30 days without sugar doesn't make this sugar addicted girl crack I doubt there is much two hormone filled tween aged girls - and one little energizer bunny of a 4 year old - can request I cook that will faze me. 

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