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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No One Wants to See My Butt - Lime Ricki Review

The big family beach vacation is nearly here but I'm not in the barely-there-bikini stage of life anymore so I went looking for something a little more forgiving for my sun and sand time.  I found 
You might remember seeing them if you are a Survivor fan.
Dawn wore this one in the Caramoan.
I checked out their site and ended up purchasing several tops and bottoms and then anxiously waited for them to arrive. 
It would have been great if I got these long skinny legs with the skirt too.
I ordered this wrap ruffle skirt in lemon and pink. 
I also ordered this top and several others lots of yellow and an item or two from their sale page.
Within days my $5 only shipping had my order at the door. 
Everyone loves to get packages.
The items were nicely made.  No stray strings or cheap material feel to the suits.  I tried the items on.  Now this was per-Whole30 days and a few of the tops were more snug than I would have liked.  It seems some items ran a little smaller than others.  (This was noted on a few items I looked at but not on the tops that I had purchased)  With my up coming eating-overhaul I knew a bit of snugness would not be an issue for long so I was happy with all the tops I had purchased.
Then I tried on the bottoms.  This pair was reversible and held true to it's sizing.  Loved them!  This will give me a patterned bottom and a solid black bottom all in one.
Then I tried on the skirt.  I put the lemon skirt on first.  I was thrilled with it's fit and coverage.  That was until after I showed S'ghetti Girl.  As I walked out of her room she said, "Ah mom?  I think I can see you butt."  I thought she meant that the skirt was shorter in the back but when I got to a mirror I could indeed see straight through the fabric.  Don't get me wrong I work hard to get my backside in great shape but I don't really think there is a big audience for actually viewing it!
Fast forward through a few emails and a review of the product on their website (my review did not appear until after I talked with a sales associate and mentioned that it was not showing) and I was unhappy to find out that due to a missed email by my contact at Lime Ricki that they had gotten a black version in but had already sold it. 
A little background on Lime Ricki;  they get their styles in fresh each year and sell until they don't have any more.  No reordering stock.  No late season styles.  Just a kind of "you get what you get and you don't get upset".  I like the idea that there won't be dozens of other people wearing the same suit I have on and I like looking forward to the next season's styles.
So I was left a little disappointed in that one product and a little disappointed over the "missed" email as my contact and I had been exchanging mails and he was aware of my desire to get a black skirt and return the yellow one.  However, I resigned myself to the fact that the yellow skirt would just go back and I would use other bottoms.  Thinking of my review of Lime Ricki I was torn on the experience having had a bit of disappointment in bout product and customer service.  That was until my phone rang.
Yes, Lime Ricki called me.  My file had been noted that I was interested in the skirt if they got any in return and they had!  After a brief conversation with the sales associate I have a new black wrap ruffle skirt coming and I don't have to return the see through yellow one I can just get rid of it. 
So in the end I am a thrilled Lime Ricki customer.  I really appreciate a company that maybe not be perfect but works with customers to really make them happy.  I hope you check out their site and like their FaceBook page to get the heads up on frequent deals. 
DISCLAIMER:  This review is my own opinion.  You might actually like a see through bottom bathing suit, I don't judge.  I was not given anything for my opinion probably because very few people actually want to hear what my opinion is.  Either way your experience may vary but check LR out for yourself.


  1. Thanks for the honest review and introducing me to a new company!

  2. Nice to know there are still companies who deal directly with the customer. Cute suits, you will be stylin out there!

  3. Too bad about the yellow skirt; it looks so cute!

  4. Those look adorable, thank you for the honest review. I love great customer service, may have to check them out.