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Friday, June 21, 2013

Running Streak - 10,000 Miles


In 10,000 miles I could have run to Fuji or to Paris and back again.
Or I could have run nearly half way to the moon.  In 10,000 miles I could have run to Washington to visit Tall Mom on the Run nearly 5 times.  But I end up about 100 miles shy of making it to Melbourne, Australia.

But in my 10,000 streak miles I did make it to many places.   In those 1136 days I ran 36 events with 23 ultras.  I've ran on the beautiful beaches, on trails under forest canopies.  I've ran on back country roads and along noisy highways.  I've shared my run with running brethren and I've run alone.  I've run through the snow and while it was falling.  I've witnessed Christmas through eliminated windows.  Through 10,000 miles I've shared secrets and kept them.  I have talked with and listened for God's guidance.  I've embraced the heat, the cold, the wind, the boredom.  And I've enjoyed the highs, the perfect days, the successes.  I've also learned to grow from the failures, the aches and pains and the disappointment of the limited length of my arm when reaching for a goal just beyond my grasp. 

Over 10,000 miles I have made friends and memories who have taught me about myself in those mere 1136 days.  These friends  rally to my support when I challenge my arm to grow, when I want to see what is just beyond my sight, when I push my body and mind into an adventure that leaves my body trembling. 

Through 10,000 miles my family has become some of my biggest supporters.  My husband joined me on an ultra trail to gain a better understanding of my love of trail running.  My children all encourage me to keep striving for my goals.  In 10,000 miles I've seen that my running is much more about the many than it is about me.  I've seen just how much I can influence others to believe in themselves even through my first DNF, friends shared with me how my perseverance and attitude helped them to keep striving though  when their goals were challenging. 

In 10,000 miles I have gone many place in my mind.  I have solved the world's problems and cured cancer.  I've written epic novels, composed tear-rendering songs and whispered eloquently crafted prayers.  During these 10,000 miles I have created a world within myself.  I love to visit it often; daily in fact.  However I've found that despite it's challenges and imperfections, this world is the real reason I run.  I run to create the best possible me I can become and in doing that I will be the best possible example to all those who choose to follow.  Or run along side me because the next 10,000 miles will be an adventure.  Who knows where it may take us?


  1. Awesome!! Love this!!

  2. Incredible stuff, and a fabulous description :-D Well done!

  3. Lovely reflections. And 10,000 miles - wow!

  4. Wow - that is a lot of miles and a great post!!!!

  5. You're an inspiration. Not only a bad-ass streaker, but one heck of an ultrarunner as well.