Daily Chatter

Monday, June 17, 2013

Routes, Partying and YMX

I finally broke in the VHTRC shirt.  I ran about 50 miles last week and most of them in my bright blue tech shirt.  Even though I am still feeling a little like a Popsicle trying to acclimate to life on the sidewalk, I have been running outside in the heat everyday.  I'm not sure I can say that my VHTRC shirt did anything exceptional considering it was soaked halfway through every run but it did seem to make cars beep at me more frequently than usual while I was on "the front road." 
Unlike in PA, when I am in VA I don't know that I have a "favorite" route.  Maybe my 8 something route is fairly enjoyable.  Or when I drive to the trails, that is always enjoyable except for the having to drive to the trails part.  I'm spoiled with my PA ability to run for hours and see 3 cars.  While running in VA this hour long run included easily 50 times that many cars since I ran my "front road" route.  But I did find wild raspberries that helped make the run a little more exciting and I am still in search of a couple front door friendly routes that will become my VA favorites.

Speaking of favorites, S'ghetti Girl turned 12 this month and we were again partying.  This time we were partying with her besties in VA. 

The weather cooperated and the kids spent their time swimming and splashing to their hearts content.  Even LBM was welcomed into the battle.  S'ghetti Girl is blessed with a wonderful group of friends both in PA and in VA. 

Surprisingly S'ghetti Girl's favorite "gift" was her cake.  She had requested cupcakes, even though the cup cakes from her PA party had gotten smashed she still wanted to try them again.  But after searching everywhere for anything Rise of the Guardians themed and finding nothing, I opted to have a caked printed with a ROTG photo. 
She loved it.  And of course ate Jack Frost's face because that's what tween girls do when they think a guy is cute.  I guess.  I'm still completely okay with her crushing on a fictional character, the alternative frightens me. 

I ended my weekend with a longish run in one of my YMX tops that I hadn't gotten to test yet.  It looked great and dried quickly even after it became wring-out-wet thanks to the humidity.  This shirt may actually be too pretty to run in.  When I put it on the super secret spy thought it was too nice to go get all sweaty.  I was concerned that the "lace" neckline would become itchy and bother me during my run but I never noticed it during the run.  With this VA heat this top will definitely be getting it's share of workouts.