Daily Chatter

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

When Bad Things Happen

There are moments when I feel a little guilty about sitting on the deck after the super secret spy goes off to work.  Times when I have my feet up watching the kids play in the pool when I think maybe my life is a little too carefree.  But then the universe reminds me that I'm OK with that because it throws a screw in the works.

Yesterday was one of those days.  We were all a bit tired from a hectic weekend of birthday parties and sleepovers so when the kids all lingered in bed a bit longer than usual I enjoyed a little extra quiet time in my often rambunctious house.   I found myself outside working on getting my plants transferred from their pots into our garden when LBM finally woke.  We enjoyed breakfast and a little play time before deciding that we would wake up S'ghetti Girl before she slept the entire day away.  We headed upstairs when LBM stopped to pick up a stuffed animal.  I waited on the third step as he started up. 

Then time slowed down.  He missed the first step and as luck would have it was the perfect height to execute a perfect face plant on the rounded edge of the step with his lower lip and front teeth.

Even with the seemingly slow elapse of time I couldn't catch him.  Then  there was that sound.  That terrible sound of my wonderful little boy's face meeting that unmoving step and then the sickening moment before the cries begin when you know that there won't be anything you can really do to keep it from happening. 

 An emergency visit to the dentist later and we are hopeful that LBM's teeth will survive the trauma and his busted lip will heal.  As often 4 year olds do, LBM is little worse for the wear this morning and enjoying his soft foods only diet thanks to his love of mashed potatoes.  His mom was made a little better thanks to a nice long run while LBM slept off his pain killers.

I look forward to feeling guilty again about how carefree and boring my days are again soon.


  1. Oh my! I hope the little one is feeling better soon!

  2. Ouch, your description was very effective. Poor little guy! And poor you!

  3. I just winced in pain imagining seeing this. Sending speedy recovery vibes your way to LBM!

  4. dohhh poor guy!! glad he is ok overall

  5. Oh dear! That must have been quite a shock. I hope he heals up fast!
    I can understand how boring sounds pretty good when something like that happens.


  6. Poor little guy! And poor you!

  7. ouchy, poor little guy! Hope he heals quickly!