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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How its going - Week 2

Tomorrow will be exactly 2 weeks since Army son started his journey called basic training.  I probably should capitalize that, Basic Training, to show it the level of respect it deserves.  I am eager to hear all the experinces that Army son is enduring creating while he is being beaten transforming himself.  Hopefully we will hear something very soon!

Week one was sheer "I'm going to show him I can do it" attitude.  I wanted to hit my training really hard to make him proud of how far I had come and the goals I had set for my self. 

Week Two has been harder.  The weather has not been cooperating.  Wind is my nemesis.  I can get out there in ANY kind of weather except wind.  I do have a treadmill.  Yeah.  Tell a 17 month old to entertain himself while you run 10 miles.  That goes something like this:

Dresses for workout - Check
Towels for sweat - Check
6 zillion toys for littlest - Check
Snacks for littlest - Check
Sippy cup for littlest - Check
Ask middle one to help out as she can - Check
Start treadmill - Check
Set incline - Check
Adjust speed - Check
"no littlest, don't unplug the treadmiiiiiiiiiiilll..."
get up off the floor - Check
Plug treadmill back in - Check
Decide that I'll try to run after the kids are in bed - Check

You see my point.

I have gotten in some runs this week.  My mileage is a little down from week one's 47 miles but I still have a few days and I have long runs on the training schedule for the weekend.  I am not sure where my mileage will end up falling.  I have only 38 days until my marathon or 50k but that's another post entirely.

So back to my stats for the week so far:

Sunday - January 24th was our travel day (and I wussed out at the "city" gym)

Monday - January 25th - 3.5 miles alone 24:43 (my speed work.  Felt great but wiped me out!)

Tuesday - January 26th - 3.5 miles 29:45 snow, ice and wind.  I had to stare at the ground to keep from slipping and falling on the ice. 

Wednesday - January 27th - 7 miles 56:06 a.m.
6.5 miles 56:22 p.m with littlest in the jogger

Littlest is such a champ! 
I wish you could see the latern behind him, the layers of blankets, heating pad and socks on his hands (they stay on better than his gloves).  He was so excited to go. When he saw that I had changed my clothes, he grabbed the jogger and started pulling it to the front door.

Yeah, I know.  I love my Nike DriFit Pink top. 
It has a little pocket on the side and a great hood with a high zipper to keep the wind off your neck and lower face when it is really cold. 
Keeps me so snuggly warm and it is so soft!
Eventually you will get to see some of that other running gear from Christmas.

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  1. I'm with you on those "family treadmill runs"!!! We do what we can do, right?! You are setting a great example for your children. GO MAMA!

  2. I love that the little one gets so excited to come with you! Talk about a great way to bond and way to set a great, healthy example to him at an early age!!!

    38 days til Marathon! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! :)

  3. That is sooo cute your littlest gets so excited to go with you! Maybe I need to have kids just so I have some kind of running companion :)
    Great job on getting out there, and I totally agree, WIND SUCKS! Or wait, BLOWS!

  4. Nike dry-fit is one of my favorites!!!

  5. It's so cute that your littlest one grabbed the jogger. He sounds like an excellent running buddy!