Daily Chatter

Monday, January 18, 2010

I realized I had to pee

  1. Pull in the driveway.

  2. Make sure littlest is sleeping.

  3. Leave the car running.

  4. Unload the car.

  5. Plug in the heating pad.

  6. Pick up the things my middle one droped on the way to the house.

  7. Race down the stairs to the basement.

  8. Let the dogs out.

  9. Clean up the mess from forgetting to let the dogs out this morning.

  10. Fill the pellet stove.

  11. Sweep up the pellets I dropped from rushing to fill the pellet stove.

  12. Grab my running gear from the laundry room.

  13. Race up the stairs.

  14. Check to make sure littlest is still napping.

  15. Get my middle one a snack.

  16. Uhh, mmm,  oh yeah to my middle one as she tells me about her day.

  17. Confirm with niece that she is watching middle while I run.

  18. Check the littlest is still napping.

  19. Run to the bathroom.

  20. Change half my clothes.

  21. Tell my middle one she can not come into the bathroom to ask me another question.

  22. Exit the bathroom.

  23. Listen to the question.

  24. Listen to another question.

  25. Listen to another question.

  26. Answer the questions.

  27. Finish putting on my top layers.

  28. Put on my shoes.

  29. Set up the jogger.

  30. Get lantern for littlest.

  31. Get snacks for littlest.

  32. Get diaper, just in case.

  33. Get busy toys, just in case.

  34. Race downstairs.

  35. Bring dogs back in.

  36. Feed dogs.

  37. Scold dogs for making a mess.

  38. Unplug heating pad.

  39. Put heating pad and blanket in jogger.

  40. Kiss middle one.

  41. Greet niece.

  42. Give instructions.

  43. Out door.

  44. Pull napping littlest out of car.

  45. Put littlest in jogger.

  46. Arrange heating pad.

  47. Turn on latern.

  48. Secure blanket.

  49. Turn off car.

  50. Remember I forgot my headlamp.

  51. Ask middle one to get it.

  52. Wait.

  53. Wait.

  54. Thank middle one for headlamp.

  55. Listen to another question.

  56. Answer question.

  57. Kiss middle one.

  58. Hug middle one.

  59. Walk down driveway.

  60. Realize I have to pee.


  1. Did you still manage to run? I think I'd be so worn out at that point I'd give up LOL.

    MCM mama

  2. I am now officially worn out from reading your post! Very funny:)

  3. LOL! I don't know how you do it girl!

  4. Oh noooo! LOL! Reading all of this makes me realize that I NEVER have a good enough excuse not to run. Super Momma!

  5. Love it!! Oh the life of a busy busy mom.. So I noticed your new name, funny! You are already so fast, I cannot imagine how fast you will be after training with a jogger.. WOWZERS!

  6. Great post!! I have been there, also. I hope the run was a great one... and that you finally got to pee. :)

  7. Hahaha too funny- on my old blog I had a similar post due to the attention my cat my needed as a kitten.

  8. Just read this - sorry I missed it! That is hilarious! You are a super woman!

  9. I can't help but laugh! I feel like my life is like that sometimes too!!! :)