Daily Chatter

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Watch where you step!

After my 3.5 (28:02) run this morning I snapped this quick picture.  It was so mild out I wanted to record the start of using all my new Christmas running gear.  Top number 2.  
I walked over to my "little forest" to have a nice background.  Only to discover I had to be careful of where I stepped there was doggie stool everywhere.  Gee!  Another chore to add to my list. 

I am so excited. 

No.  Not about the doggie stool pickup that I am going to have to do.  I am excited about the awesome Aetrex Women's Sedona Trail Runner in Black / Cranberry that I am getting from CSN stores.  You remember the great giveaway at running just as fast as you can that I won.  This is the item I picked!  I just can't wait to hit some of my trail runs with them and give you a review. 

Remember Valentines Day will be here before you know it.  Check back for a great new give away in time for something shiny (no it's not another medal)!


  1. ooooh lala, those are nice shoes!! fun, fun! i love train running. and yuck about the dog poop. that sucks. I hate when that happens!

    and isnt the weather beautiful! yay!!~~~

  2. Those are some awesome shoes there girly! Of course, I love any and all things pink so I think I may need those - will wait for the review. Love your picture!! Have fun with the doggie do-do pick up. FUN!

  3. SWEET shoes, you do love pink dont you.. Love the picture!! hugs to a fast 3..

  4. Sweet shoes! I love the pink! I want some!!!

  5. Great new shoes! Have fun in them! My neighbor has the K9 Poop Patrol come over for stool removal.Now there's a fun line of work. Not. :0

  6. Hiii! Well I'm going to try the VFFs in a marathon... just not sure when. I'm a little nervous to start them so soon, but my feet are already so used to their comfort and lightness, I'm going to have a hard time switching back to sneaks already.

    I'll see what the Dr. says about my ankle. If I'm clear for this weekend, i'm going to try to get in a 15 miler with them. If I'm feeling good... I'll use them in the Myrtle Beach Marthon in 2.5 weeks :)


  7. Those shoes look awesome!!

  8. Nice post-run shot. I'm loving the mild weather that we're having up here too.

    Those are some slick-looking shoes!

  9. Those are hard core trail shoes! I just ordered some, too! They arrive tomorrow and I am wicked excited!