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Friday, January 15, 2010

That Third Bite

Morgan at Caution: Redhead Running has a interesting post today.  She questioned how your second marathon training went in comparison to the first.

My question is, pace aside, how was your first marathon experience compared to your second, third...

I equate the experience to eating.  I ran my first 3 marathons within 6 weeks of each other. 
For me, the first was like that first bite of dessert.  I am so eager to have it that I barely tasted it. 

The second marathon was that second bite.  Again rushed and hurried, as if someone would take it away if I did not have it quickly.  

Then there were a few weeks between the second and the third marathon.  Those weeks remind me of how I try to eat those things I like but do not nutritionally need.  

That third bite. 

I take time to think about whether or not I actually want to have more or need to have more.  Then after some consideration I take that third bite.  I enjoy the taste of the treat I am savoring.  That was my third marathon.  A savored treat!  I enjoyed the first two.  There is nothing like the accomplishment of completing a marathon however, between the nerves and self doubt I was a wreck at the starting line.  It wasn't until the third marathon that I was able to look around instead of at my watch.  I was able to know that the finish line was coming and I would see it. 

I still get nervous at the starting line.  I still have moments of self doubt when it's been awhile between races or I try something new; like the Greenway Trail Marathon on 8 weeks of training.  But now the marathon distance and I are old friends who challenge each other from time to time.  I show him (yes, my marathon distance is a man) respect by getting my training miles ran come rain or snow or jogging stroller full of unhappy kiddos.  He shows me new levels of accomplishment within myself  when he throws in more hills or a completely flat course (ugh!).  

Was what was your second, third, fourth marathon experience like compared to your first?


  1. I love the comparisson to dessert! I totally get dessert! LOL! :)

    I can't believe you ran 3 back to back like that! Girl you are a MACHINE!!!!

    Thanks for the shout out and I'm def going to head back to see what everyone has to say. I am loving all the answers I am getting on the topic so far. Every run is a learning experience for sure but this go around I am just so much more happier. Instead of holding my breath, I can breathe!

  2. Bites of dessert - what an interesting way to look at it!

    I enjoyed Morgan's post today as well and I won't re-hash everything I said in her comments section, but it made me think about my first, second and third marathon experiences.

  3. GREAT analogy!!

    I have yet to have a second taste but I am such I will be more prepared since it has been so long between bites..

  4. My second, third and fourth marathons were like hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry respectively. Unfortunately my first was like melted to oblivion ice cream, since it got up to 93 degrees with triple digit heat index and 90+% humidity.

  5. Great analogy! My first sucked, but the second and third were awesome. I get nervous at any race, no matter the distance - I love that adrenaline! :)

  6. My 2nd marathon experience was such a disaster that I haven't had a desire to run one since.

  7. I just inhaled 3 cookies - so much for my sugar cutback, eh? I'd like to think of it as quick carbs for long run tomorrow. Ha.

    I've run I think 15 marathons and each one tells a different story. I never have had a "perfect" marathon except maybe one and even then, I got a calf crap badly. But that was one race wehre I executed my plan exactly and it all came out perfectly. 6th marathon, I ended up in the hospital from dehydration - gotta love that one! Big Sur marathon, my 8th, I was puking from being dehydrated at mile 18. You'd thought I had learned from the 6th one? Nah!! Portland, this past year, #14, I forget to consume any nutrition during the 26 miles. Needless to say, died at mile 23. Opps. Anyway, point it, no matter how many you do, I think each and every one is a unique and dare I say it, "special", experience in it's own. I would trade one memory...except maybe mile 22 last year in Boston (owie). And, btw, I get so worked up and overly nervous for each and every marathon and halves. I think it's just a way of paying honor to the race it so deserves.

    Happy Weekend. Thanks for email update - so glad you are being strong!!! Hugs!

  8. Opps, that should say "calf CRAMP" ... the M didn't show up. Hahah. Calf crap sounds more like the pain though.

  9. my second marathon was so much better than my first. i felt much more experienced, kinda knew what i was doing and wasnt nearly as nervous. i took 1 mile at a time and never stressed about the full distance. it was a huge learning experience plus i ran much faster. i cant wait to see what 3,4,& 5 are like compared to 2!!!